Clip Review: Wetlook Dream – Featuring Herrin Lady Anja

They say a pictures is worth a thousand words, and if this is true, the breathtakingly beautiful Herrin Lady Anja has written volumes with this sexy clip! Without a word, she holds the viewer transfixed with her lithe body in her shiny and sexy wetlook leggings that cling to her every flawless curve.  The shine of her black latex will leave you throbbing as she glides effortlessly into provocative pose after pose.  Her high heels and long legs in black wetlook are something to behold and sure to leave every slave weak and willing.  Just one glimpse and you’ll be hooked, and after the clip has been watched and re-watched, you will crawl on your knees and beg Lady Anja for the privilege of serving as her slave. 
Truly exceptional, Lady Anja is both beautiful and alluring.  She will lure you in with an erotic glance as she bends down and lets you take in the magnificence of her perfect ass in wetlook leggings.  Shiny and sexy.  Your mind spins with the possibilities this perfect Temptress offers.  Are you worthy? Will you do what it takes to garner the attention of a woman this beautiful? Could you be that one slave who devotes themselves thoroughly to the Goddess of your dreams.  Lady Anja lies waiting in her wetlook leggings and sexy heels.  She is a true Goddess and only the most devoted of her adoring slaves will be considered for servitude.  Bow before your Goddess and beg Lady Anja to become her loyal pet.

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Clip Name: Wetlook Dream
Models In The Clip: Herrin Lady Anja
Date Reviewed: January 1st, 2018
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $3.99

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