Clip Review: Wedding Night Homewreck – Featuring Goddess Gwen

Goddess Gwen - Wedding Night Homewreck CUSTOM - iWantClips

Of course you noticed.  The first time your wife took you home to meet her family, you noticed her sexy sister Gwen had the most amazing tits you’ve ever seen.  Sure, you tried to be the good guy and not check her out, but you couldn’t help yourself. Gwen is tall, leggy, blonde and busty.  She’s what every man dreams of and there you are sitting across from her at family functions.  Your mind has wandered many times as you fantasized about her.  This night, though, should be all about your wife.  You’ve just gotten married, are almost ready to begin your married life together, and shouldn’t be thinking about how hot your new sister-in-law looks in her sexy tight pink dress.  You shouldn’t be glancing at her even as the service is taking place, and especially looking down her top as you are supposed to be listening to speeches about how happy your marriage will be.  What you don’t realize, and won’t until it’s far too late, is that Gwen has noticed your leering looks and uncomfortable bulges when you’re in her presence, and tonight, on your wedding night, she’s going to expose you for the dog that you are.  Her sister is far too good for you, and tonight, Gwen is going to make sure you don’t spend your lives together, once and for all.
You’ve had a few drinks at the reception so when you hear a gentle knock on the honeymoon suite door and open it to find Gwen standing there provocatively, you invite her in.  This was a huge mistake, but how could you possibly say no? She tells you she’s just checking up on you and making sure you’re not doing anything too naughty.  She also lets you know that she can see you staring at her incredible cleavage.  She begins teasing her nails along her huge breasts as she seduces you and encourages you to touch yourself.  Pulling her dress down even more, she tells you that since you’re alone, you should definitely take that cock of yours out and jerk off to her perfect cleavage.  No one will ever know, so take it out and stroke for your sexy sister-in-law.  And when she lowers her dress down revealing her huge breasts in her bra and starts grabbing them, you unzip and begin to stroke your throbbing cock for her.  Gwen is such a perfect Temptress and she has you stroking your newly married cock to your wife’s sister and her world-class tits.  As she teases you closer and closer to that edge of cumming, Gwen has you admit that her glorious tits are way better than your wife’s.  You’ve been wanting to stroke to her tits all night, even while standing at the altar.  Gwen’s body is so much hotter than her sister, right? Admit it.  Tell Gwen how much hotter she is than your new wife, her sister.  The instant the words leave your lips, Gwen puts her tits away in her dress and announces to you that her sister, your new wife, has been watching and listening the entire time you wrecked your marriage for a little jerkoff to her sexy tits.  I guess you won’t be living happily ever after as gorgeous seductress Gwen has ensured that her sister won’t be staying with a dirty skirt chaser like you!

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Clip Name: Wedding Night Homewreck
Models In The Clip: Goddess Gwen
Date Reviewed: August 18th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $6.99

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