Clip Review: Thoughtless Surrender – Featuring Goddess Kylie Star


With her voice soothing you, the sensual back beat of a relaxation soundtrack, beautiful blonde Seductress, Goddess Kylie Star, is going to put you into such a relaxed and vulnerable state.  Relaxing equals letting down your guard and resisting will become impossible as she weaves her sensual spell over you.  Don’t think about anything but the sound of Goddess Kylie’s voice.  Questioning serves no purpose.  Deep down, you want to embrace being Goddess Kylie’s slave.  Today’s session will ensure your absolute devotion and the end of your rational mind questioning what to do, or not do.  Sink into a hypnotic state as you breath out all your tension.  Nothing exists beyond the beautiful Goddess before you.  Her voice excites you…her beauty arouses you.  As you fixate on her perfect body, you can’t imagine anything else that could give you a greater life’s purpose.  She is dominance and she is beauty.  Your mind has kept you from what you need so desperately, to serve and please your Goddess.  Unwrap your submissive desires and let yourself be who you want to be.  Focus on Goddess Kylie, relax and embrace your slavery.
The more she arouses you, the more Goddess Kylie can exploit your weakness.  As you feel yourself getting more and more aroused, your mind shuts down a little more.  Empty your head of any thoughts of resistance as you begin stroking for Goddess Kylie.  Nothing has ever felt so good.  Focus entirely on each stroke without any thought in your mind.  Open up and let Goddess Kylie slide inside.  Feel harder than you have ever been and stroke for your perfect Temptress.  Let your desire for Goddess Kylie overrun everything else and let her take you even deeper.  Spread wide and give up more control.  Feel Goddess Kylie invade and take over.  Let go, slave.  Accept your fate.  You belong to Goddess Kylie.  She wants you to fully surrender as you give in and stop trying to fight what is so natural.  Don’t think…just stroke your cock.  Thoughts give way to feelings and rational thought surrenders to lustful desire.  Pleasure is irresistible.  Pleasure is what Goddess Kylie offers you in exchange for absolute servitude.  That’s a good boy…you belong to Goddess Kylie forever and she will be in complete control.

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Clip Name: Thoughtless Surrender
Models In The Clip: Goddess Kylie Star
Date Reviewed: January 9th, 2018
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $20.99

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