Clip Review: The Ultimate Tease & Denial Part 3 – Featuring Mistress Lynn Pops


There’s tease and denial, and then there’s a woman as gorgeous as Mistress Lynn Pops turning you into a drooling puddle of desire.  In her black leather bustier, stockings and heels, Mistress is a vision of perfection.  Her voice is sensual and intoxicating.  And when a woman as beautiful as she is tells you to get that dick out, she won’t need to ask twice! You have no idea how badly she’s going to frustrate you today.  Get it nice and wet for Mistress, and as she teases her own panty covered pussy, you may begin to start stroking slowly until you’re throbbing.  As she licks her pouty lips, you feel desire run amok.  Cup your balls and stroke a little more.  Every stroke is for Mistress Lynn.  She controls your cock completely.  You stroke as you’re told, and there will be no cumming until she grants you permission.
Now that you’re all warmed up from slow stroking, Mistress demonstrates just how she wants you to stroke.  Match her pace.  Look at her spectacular ass as she leans over presenting it to you.  Take in her every curve and feel that lust boiling over.  Stroke and hold back that orgasm.  Slowly, carefully.  You wouldn’t want to have an accident and be punished.  Mistress Lynn is going to tease you beyond your breaking point.  She’ll tell you when to stroke and when to stop.  Can you handle her directions? She’s built to seduce and as you watch and listen to her, all you can think about is how badly you want to boil over.  Don’t you dare! Mistress Lynn wants you to your breaking point.  She wants you so hungry to cum that you begin to beg.  Desperation is such a turn on for Mistress. 
Knowing she has you so thoroughly mindfucked that you beg her permission for something you want so badly…holding out until she says those magical words…Cum For Me.  She loves to deny you until you can’t take it any longer.  Ride that edge like a good boy.  Stroke and stop.  Edge games are so fun…for Mistress Lynn.  She loves the desperation in your soft moans.  The look of desire in your eyes as you watch her every move and listen to her voice as you stroke for your Goddess.  You’re a toy for her to play with.  She loves to tease.  She’s a natural Temptress and cock tease.  Beg to cum slaveboy! If you’re a good boy…Mistress Lynn might let you cum.  Then again, she might just love watching your frustration stroke face and the thought of you with blue balls too much to ever let it happen 😉

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Clip Name: The Ultimate Tease & Denial Part 3
Models In The Clip: Mistress Lynn Pops
Date Reviewed: January 8th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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