Clip Review – The Reward – Featuring Goddess Isis & Miss Bobbi Starr

What would you endure for the opportunity to fuck beautiful Bobbi Starr? Pain and humiliation are just the beginning, as Goddess Isis Love lays out what it will take to be granted the ultimate reward of pleasure from her beautiful slavegirl, Bobbi.  Waiting for instructions in the corner, Bobbi is absolutely beautiful and eager to please on command.  But before you can enjoy the pleasure, you must suffer at the hands of the wickedly cruel Goddess Isis.  Will you break before experiencing the ultimate prize, Bobbi’s magical mouth on your cock? Flogged, caned and punished thoroughly, will you resist and hold up under Goddess Isis’ withering assault? With clothespins up and down your body, on your tongue and covering your cock, it is pure agony as Isis flogs and removes them painfully slowly.  In case you’re resolve is waning, Goddess Isis reminds you of what awaits you as she has Bobbi crawl seductively between your legs and suck your cock ever so briefly.  Despite the suffering you have experienced, your cock stiffens in Bobbi’s warm wet mouth instantly.  She is so beautiful and so good that you almost forget where you are.  But as quickly as the pleasure begins, Goddess Isis ends it, returning Bobbi to her corner.  Goddess Isis isn’t done putting you to the test just yet.  In fact, she’s just getting started!
On all fours, you anxiously await the next onslaught.  As Goddess Isis lays out ice cubes up and down your back, the cold is almost unbearable.  Of course, that is nothing compared to the agony of having her stuff them into your ass! Fire and ice.  Goddess Isis is as devious as any woman alive.  She knows that as sensitive as your skin is to the cold of her ice barrage, she now has you ready to suffer even more as she drizzles hot wax all over your back and taunts you as she waves her red hot candle up and down your body.  Finally, with you trembling and unsure of what will come next, Goddess Isis leads her pretty pet towards you with one, not so small, addition…a nice big strapon attached to her.  Bobbi slides her cock into your ass and rides you sensually as hell.  Joining in, Goddess Isis has you suck her own strapon before taking Bobbi’s place and fucking your ass harder and deeper.  What you want or like is no longer relevant, if it ever was.  You’ll suffer to earn your reward.  Only after thoroughly gaping your ass does Goddess Isis have Bobbi use that heavenly mouth of hers to get you hard again before instructing her to climb on and ride your cock.  Her tight, hot wet pussy is so amazing, you almost forget what you have been through.  The reward is worth any suffering you have experienced.  Strapping a dildo to your face, Goddess Isis joins the pleasure party and rides your face.  With your own cock deep inside Bobbi’s perfect pussy and your face dildo thrusting in and out of Goddess Isis’ beautiful Goddess cunt, it’s pure slave heaven.  And with one final test, Goddess has you behind Bobbi, fucking her hard and fast as she flogs you until you finally scream out, begging to cum in her pretty mouth.  Looking down at those pretty eyes as she twirls your cum around in her mouth with her tongue, you shiver at how amazing this experience has been.  Goddess Isis has tested you while dangling her sexy slavegirl, Bobbi Starr, as temptation to endure even more of her kinky desires.  You’ve done well, slaveboy.  Not every man could withstand the kind of punishment Goddess Isis hands out so easily.

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Clip Name: The Reward
Models In The Clip: Goddess Isis Love & Miss Bobbi Starr
Date Reviewed: November 28th, 2017
Where the clip is available:
Cost of the clip: Join for as low as $9.99/month

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