Clip Review: The Essence of Goddess Worship – Featuring Goddess Kayla Jane

She is easily one of the most breathtakingly beautiful women you have ever encountered.  Seductive, alluring and drop-dead gorgeous, everything about Goddess Kayla Jane makes you want to drop to your knees and worship.  Goddess worship, indeed.  Obsession and addiction lead to absolute surrender and devotion.  But are you doing it right? Is Goddess worship about her needs, or yours? Think hard about this…as hard as Goddess Kayla Jane makes that cock of yours.  True Goddess Worship is all about the Goddess.  You will praise her, tribute her and appreciate everything she brings to your life simply by her existence.  Your reason to exist is to bring your Goddess joy and happiness, even pleasure should she allow it.  Try not to let those perfect long legs and that exquisitely beautiful ass of Goddess Kayla’s distract you from your true task…devotion and servitude.  This is about her…not you and your jerk off fantasies.
Goddess Worship has nothing to do with your dick, your expectations, your wants or needs.  Like most men, you need to be put in your place, and perhaps watching this video will straighten you out for good. What can you do for Goddess Kayla Jane? Stroking your cock to a beautiful woman is not Goddess worship and it never has been.  The sooner you realize your place, the more value you will have to your perfect Goddess.  She is extraordinarily beautiful, and arousal in her presence is natural, but your focus on your needs is the issue at hand…so to speak.  The next time you find yourself aching to touch yourself as you gaze upon Goddess Kayla’s flawless body and beautiful face, ask yourself what you can do to enhance her life.  Send tribute in the form of a bikini or shoe purchases, because you know they will make her smile and look amazing on her.  Bow down and praise her perfection.  Worship and adore her for the otherworldly being that she is.  Listen closely to Goddess Kayla Jane’s sensual words as you watch this clip, and let her put things into perspective.  Her needs are what you exist to serve.  True worship requires sacrifice and putting anothers needs ahead of your own.  Are you ready for REAL GODDESS WORSHIP? If you are, perhaps there is a place for you at Goddess Kayla Jane’s feet.  Serving her will be your greatest life’s accomplishment.  A smile on her lovely face is your goal…make it happen little slaveboy!

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Clip Name: The Essence of Goddess Worship
Models In The Clip: Goddess Kayla Jane
Date Reviewed: December 16th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $19.99

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