Clip Review: The Devil Made You Do It – Featuring Mistress Brittany Marie

Brittany Marie - The Devil Made You Do It - iWantClips

If you have been watching closely enough, despite her girl next door looks and sweet sensual voice, it should come as no surprise when you’re greeted at the gates of hell by the vixen-like Mistress Brittany Marie.  Yes, she’s a wicked little Temptress, and she knows exactly how to make men do all those naughty things you try to suppress.  In her short little red dress, she playfully strokes her tail like it was a cock…a cock she wants you to suck, in fact.  You’ve had naughty thoughts for a very long time, and Mistress Brittany knows it’s time you surrender to sin and admit what a cock lover you really are.  As the first image of a big hard cock comes on screen, Mistress Brittany asks you just how delicious that looks.  You can’t form words but you can feel your own cock stirring in your pants.  She senses everything.  A slight change in your breathing, a knowing glance at the monster cock beside her on screen, and she knows what you crave.  Don’t worry pet, you can always say the Devil made you do it, right? Go on slaveboy, take out your cock and stroke it just like Mistress Brittany is as she slips her tail between her thighs and strokes it like a dick.  Look at that big juicy cock and stroke to it.  The Devil has many wicked things planned for you tonight, and there’s no turning back from this slippery slope.  Stroke faster to another man’s dick.  That’s a good pet. 
You thought you were straight? Oh no, slave, not any more.  Your perfect Devil Goddess has plans to make you into a cock craving little faggot.  This sexy she Devil won’t stop until you can’t get hard without a cock in view.  Stroke it for your Devil Goddess.  Show her how much you love to stroke to another man’s cock.  Look down at how big your own cock is getting and how much precum is oozing out.  You want it so badly.  The more you stroke, the harder you get.  Stroke along with your Goddess as she strokes her own cock.  You’d suck it for her wouldn’t you bitch? Open up wide and suck on the tip before wrapping your lips around it and swallowing every inch.  Of course you do.  You’re no longer straight, hell, you’re not even bisexual.  Not any longer…now you’re a little faggot who loves cock and pleasing your Goddess.  And as you feel your cum boil over and erupt from your cock in a geyser unlike you’ve ever experienced, don’t be surprised.  In her kingdom, this Goddess SheDevil can make you do anything she desires.  Get comfortable slave…you’re going to be the Devil’s little toy to play with for eternity.  Welcome home, bitch!

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Clip Name: The Devil Made You Do It
Models In The Clip: Mistress Brittany Marie
Date Reviewed: November 24th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $16.99

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