Clip Review: Surprise! You’ve Been Coerced-Bi Milked – Featuring Goddess Dava Foxx

Subby Hubby - SURPRISE Youve Been Coerced-Bi Milked - iWantC

“Are you ready for my surprise?” And with those words, brunette beauty Goddess Dava Foxx begins to tease and play with her submissive pet.  Naked, rock hard, and blindfolded, her slave moans as Goddess Dava traces a long nail along the shaft of his cock and begins giving him the most amazing handjob.  He can’t believe his good fortune as she strokes him so expertly.  It feels so good! But a woman as dominant and devious as Goddess Foxx doesn’t always do what you might expect, and she has something a little darker in mind today for her slave. With his blindfold on, slaveboy has no idea that nearby Goddess has her cuckold husband collared, naked and waiting for her command.  Imagine the feeling of her hand running up and down your shaft, close your eyes as if you’re blindfolded, and just feel every sensation as that hand jerks your throbbing, rock hard cock.  Listen to Goddess Dava as she talks seductively about how much you like the feeling of that hand on your cock and how she’s going to make you explode.  Moan her name because it feels so perfect, slaveboy. 
With her slave completely loving the handjob he’s receiving, Goddess Dava signals to her cuck hubby to take over.  Without even the hint of realization on the part of her slave, the handjob shifts to a bisexual strokefest.  Hubby continues jerking that slave cock just as Goddess Dava had been and slaveboy is none the wiser.  With his blindfold on, he has no idea that another man is giving his cock the pleasure that he’s moaning about so enthusiastically.  Passing slave’s cock back and forth, alternating stroking soft and sensual to firm and hard, Goddess smiles wickedly at how turned on her slut is having his cock stroked by her cucky.  And when her slave is close to bursting from the stroking, Goddess has her cucky husband lay naked beside her slave and takes over jerking slave’s dick herself.  Bringing him to the edge, Goddess tells him she wants him to cum all over her…her being cucky husband laying beside him, of course…and she strokes him until he shoots a hot cum load all over cucky’s chest and stomach.  Only after the blindfold is removed does her slave realize just how kinky Goddess Dava really is.  Coerced bi with a gorgeous brunette Goddess….yeah that makes for a seriously hot clip from 🙂

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Clip Name: Surprise! You’ve Been Coerced-Bi Milked
Date Reviewed: April 25th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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