Clip Review: Sunflower Control Activation – Featuring GODdess Eevee

Goddess Eevee - Sunflower Control Activation - iWantClips

You hear her voice, and in that instant, the spell begins to take hold.  Her slow, sensual and deliberate movements of her hands, her head, and that exquisite body, are all aimed at seducing you into a relaxed and vulnerable state.  Gaze in wonder at the detail in that remarkable tattoo just above those breasts you can’t help but peek at.  Look at the detail, the colour, and the way in which it moves with her sensual gyrations.  It’s spellbinding, isn’t it? You’ll never look at a sunflower the same way again once GODdess Eevee is finished taking you deeply into a mesmerized state of submission.  Everywhere you look you’ll notice them, yet none will be quite as beautiful as the one on your new Owner.  Feel her power over you build with ever glance, and hear her words telling you that you never could have resisted.  Feel the heaviness in your body and mind, and surrender completely.
She is beautiful, but more than that, she knows what it takes to get inside that head of yours and twist you around you little finger.  GODdess Eevee toys with men like you, easily conquering them as she playfully teases you with her garters and lingerie.  Swaying her hips side to side, her gorgeous ass is hypnotically beautiful and you can’t take your eyes from her.  And that voice…she is alluring and dominant, and completely irresistible.  You’re in over your head little boy, and you’re in a very dangerous place.  Powerful women can take full advantage of your weakness for their beauty and make you do so many things on command.  What will GODdess Eevee have you do now that you’re on your knees, helplessly caught in her web of seduction, and willing to obey her every word? Beg your GODdess for instruction and obey her every word.  You’re a little Sunflower slave now, and nothing has ever felt more amazing!

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Clip Name: Sunflower Activation Control
Models In The Clip: GODdess Eevee
Date Reviewed: August 10th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $44.99

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