Clip Review: Sucking Off My Chastity Slaves – Featuring Mistress Lynn Pops

Mistress Lynn Pops - Sucking Off My Chastity Slaves - iWantC

“You’re such a dirty, filthy, fucking whore”.  And with that, latex-clad brunette Goddess Lynn Pops sets the tone for this humiliation clip that will leave you trembling.  With her hands on her hips, her tight pink latex skirt hugging every curve, and her sensual voice teasing you so easily, Mistress Lynn tells you she can make you do just about anything.  Do you really doubt her in the state of arousal she already has you in? Your cock is throbbing and you can’t take your eyes off your Mistress.  She’s so beautiful, seductively licking her lips and sliding her hands over her perfect breasts in her lacy black bra.  She’s going to put that eager little mouth of yours to work today worshiping like a good little bitch.  Oh no, slave, not worshiping Mistress Lynn.  No, today you’ll be pleasuring her chastity slaves that have been locked up for so long they’ve forgotten what an orgasm feels like.  They haven’t known pleasure for months and they are horny as fuck! Can you imagine how much precum they’ve leaked in those chastity devices all those months? They’re filthy, horny little chastity sluts that need a slutty mouth just like yours.  You’ll clean their filthy chastity devices and as you lick them out, the slave’s cock is going to grow harder and harder.  They might not be into men, but after all those months of denial, any mouth will get them aroused.  Are you ready to suck cock for Mistress Lynn, little bitch?
Today, you’re going to make yourself useful and milk all of Mistress Lynn’s desperate chastity sluts.  They won’t be long before they cum.  You’ll be swallowing every drop as they shoot their long overdue loads.  One after another, you’ll reward every one of Mistress Lynn’s chastity slaves, teasing them before letting them free to suck them off.  Get them hard in their devices and suffering, and then when Mistress unlocks him, get that mouth deep on his cock, balls deep, and suck him off.  Tell your Mistress how much you want to please her and how badly you want to be her cocksucking little slut.  Whore yourself out to please Mistress Lynn and be her little cum dumpster who milks and drains all her chastity slaves.  Cock after cock…she’s turned you into a little mouth whore for her amusement.  Swallow every load until the feeling of cum sliding down your throat feels natural and normal.  And when you’re all done pleasuring and draining every one of Mistress Lynn’s slaves, she wants you swallowing one more load…your own.  With the taste of cum in your mouth, and your dignity as a man completely destroyed, jerk off like a little bitch to Mistress Lynn’s perfect legs and feel the shame and arousal of doing anything a dominant Goddess demands of you.  Feel yourself boiling over even as Mistress calls you her little special cum eater.  Stroke harder, bitch.  Who knew you’d be such a good little cocksucker.  This can’t even be classified as forced bi the way you seemed to enjoy yourself.  Stroke harder and when you’re ready, cum for your Mistress.  Cum like the little cocksucking bitch you are.  Taste your own load after swallowing all those chastity slave loads.  That’s a good bitch.  Mistress Lynn is pleased and amused by your obedience.  And don’t worry, Mistress has even more slaves coming out of chastity that will be so happy to fuck your mouth and use you like the whore that you are!

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Clip Name: Sucking Off My Chastity Slaves
Models In The Clip: Mistress Lynn Pops
Date Reviewed: May 24th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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