Clip Review: Stroking Pole – Featuring Goddess Melanie


This clip isn’t complicated.  A beautiful, dominant woman has her slave restrained and bound, his naked body vulnerable to her every touch.  His cock available to her as she teasingly drives him mad with desire.  What this clip is though, is a “how to” manual on ruined orgasms.  Never experienced one before? Count yourself lucky as the experience is agonizing.  In this amazing clip, Goddess Melanie takes her slave to the edge of cumming so many times that even as you watch it, you ache for him as you feel his frustration. 

With just the lightest of touches, often just with a single finger, Goddess Melanie teases her slave’s cock until he’s rock hard and ready to explode.  It’s been so long since he was permitted to cum, that even the slightest rubbing of his cock is almost enough to make him edge.  Of course, Goddess Melanie is intensely aware of his every sensation and knows just how far she can stroke him before stopping.  The torture is agonizing, yet equally erotic as hell.  She’s in full control and orgasm control has never been hotter.

Watch as her slave struggles and tenses with every edging he endures.  Watch him straining against his restraints in anticipation of the mindshattering orgasm that always eludes him as Goddess Melanie withdraws her touch just in time.  Erotic torture.  There is no other way to describe this, and as she speeds up his stroking, Goddess Melanie takes him to the edge one final time.  Withdrawing her hand, she knows he can’t stop.  She’s boiled him over and yet, without any further stroking, what he wants will never come.  She laughs as the first squirt erupts from his cock, but without any further stimulation, the entire orgasm is a dribbling disappointment…exactly as intended.  She is erotically cruel and after destroying his orgasm, Goddess Melanie squeezes and twists his aching balls until even more cum oozes out.  There is no pleasure for this slave.  Goddess has effectively milked his balls without the pleasure he so desperately craved. 

If you’ve experienced a ruined orgasm, either with a Domme, or self-inflicted at one’s direction, you will know exactly what this slave is going through.  The anticipation is agonizing and the disappointment is crushing.  But look at it this way, you made Goddess Melanie laugh like a good boy should 😉

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Clip Name: Stroking Pole
Models In The Clip: Goddess Melanie
Date Reviewed: January 20th, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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