Clip Review: Stroke For Satan – Featuring Goddess Helly

666 GODDESS HELLY - Stroke For Satan - iWantClips

You know what’s coming.  You know you deserve it, and as you crawl to her feet and gaze up at the devilishly sexy Goddess Helly, her degrading and humiliating words are expected.  You are worthless and unable to behave like a real man.  You know she’s right, and as she demeans your God and all of Christianity and every other religion, you avert your eyes downwards.  You are to be sacrificed for the Dark Lord himself, Satan, and you will thank his blonde Temptress for luring you to your eternal fate.  That tiny bulge in your pants as you gaze upon her erotic wicked beauty is pathetic and inadequate.  Join Satan, and that bulge will become so much more.  Start stroking in Satan’s name and all pleasure will become yours.  Follow her words, and watch those perfect red lips as she teases and tempts you into the darkness.  You’re weak for Satan’s sexy Temptress, and Goddess Helly is ready to make your surrender your very soul.
You are so deeply under her spell that when she tells you to spread that Bible wide and jerk off all over it, you do so without hesitation.  What was once blasphemy has now become blind obedience to this erotic Seductress before you.  Saying no to Goddess Helly is impossible as she slides deep into your mind.  Stroke and sin and your heresy will be rewarded.  As she moans softly at the blatant blasphemy you’re committing, you realize that your sin is arousing Goddess Helly.  Don’t stop.  As she caresses her perfect breasts, you stroke faster.  She was sent up from Hell to tempt and convert weak little flesh zombies like you.  She will seduce and destroy, dragging you down to Hell because your dick can’t say no.  As you stroke and throb for Satan, you simply cannot hold back.  Give her your soul, and Goddess Helly will make you one of her minions in the underworld.  Be a good boy and sin for Goddess.  Surrender any moral hesitation.  Relinquish your soul to Satan for eternity and know that you’ll spend it with Goddess Helly and all the other Temptresses down there.  Jerking to those amazing sexy tits and long legs feels better than anything ever has.  Stroke and Sin.  Counting you down, Goddess is the most erotic and seductive force you’ve ever experienced.  Spill that sinful seed for Satan.  You have Goddess Helly’s permission to cum and surrender your soul to Satan.  The choice is yours…or is it? See you in Hell little sluts.

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Clip Name: Stroke For Satan
Models In The Clip: Goddess Helly
Date Reviewed: September 20th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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