Clip Review: Stripper Heel Worship – Featuring Goddess Riley Reyes

Each time she struts onto the stage, she feels the power and control that comes with wearing gorgeous platform stripper heels.  Every eye in the club is on her, and gorgeous blonde Temptress, Riley Reyes, loves the attention and adoration.  Her long, perfect legs and those heels open wallets with ease.  Those heels own so many men as they fall apart as they hear the click as she strides across the stage and stands above them.  Sugar daddies who would do anything to touch her, controlled with a simple flick of her toes.  You stare transfixed by her as she stands over you.  You want to worship those used stripper heels, licking the heel all the way up, don’t you? Can you imagine where those shoes have been and how many stages they’ve walked across? You love the smell of those sexy heels, don’t you? Don’t try to resist this perfect Goddess in her sexy stripper heels.  Worship Goddess Riley Reyes in her gorgeous heels that grant her so much power.  Bow down and sniff those shoes and beg for more.  That’s a good little shoe bitch!
Beg her to put her foot into your mouth.  Worship every inch of those sexy feet as you can’t take your eyes off those heels.  As she dangles her shoe before you, your attention is solely undivided and you eagerly wait for it to fall.  As she presses the bottoms of her shoes to your face, you eagerly lick the filth from them.  You can’t resist.  An empowered woman in sexy stripper heels is irresistible.  Lick every inch of her perfect shoes.  You love to lick and clean those shoes to be close to Riley’s stripper feet.  Crawl over and worship those perfect shoes and beg to lick her feet.  You watched her dancing on the stage and while other men might lust after her gorgeous ass or her sexy pussy, you hungered for those feet in those heels, didn’t you, foot addict? Take her feet in your mouth.  How wide can you open? Gag on it if you have to so you can cram as much of those sexy feet into your mouth as possible.  Good boy.  Look at how pathetic you are, on your knees bathing Riley’s feet in your spit.  She’s due up on stage again before long, but gorgeous Riley knows you’ll be waiting eagerly to clean her shoes again after her next show.  She had you pegged as a high heel bitch the moment she saw you hungrily eyeing her feet in the front row.  She teased and tempted you throughout her entire set, and now she has a shoe cleaning slut for life.

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Clip Name: Stripper Heel Worship
Models In The Clip: Goddess Riley Reyes
Date Reviewed: January 19th, 2018
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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