Clip Review: Spitroasted Latex Bitch – Featuring Mistress Fetish Liza & Mistress Ezada Sinn


Gorgeous Queens of Kink, Fetish Liza and Mistress Ezada meet for the first time as they sit beside one another atop a cage filled with a slave that is to be introduced thoroughly to their massive strapon cocks they have brought along for the occasion.  Dressed in leather and fishnet stockings, Fetish Liza is a breathtaking beauty.  In her shiny black catsuit, Mistress Ezada is every Femdom fantasy you’ve ever dreamed in one extraordinary package.  Together, this Dominant Duo would overwhelm even the strongest of slaves.  As he licks the Goddess’ heels through the bars of his cage, Fetish Liza explains that his specialty is taking strapons and that today will be a demonstration of just how well she’s trained him to take cock from both ends.  Today, Fetish Liza’s prize little slut will show off his skills as he swallows every inch of Mistress Ezada’s huge black strapon.  With some encouraging pushing on the back of his head, Liza’s slut blows cock like a pro.  He loves pleasing his Goddess, and he has learned to love the feeling of cock inside him, filling his holes.  Stroking one strapon while he sucks the other, the warmup is just a prelude to what Fetish Liza has in mind for today’s demonstration of her slave training methods.
As she generously pours lube down her slave’s ass crack, Fetish Liza allows her guest to have the first go at her slave’s ass.  With his cock in chastity, Mistress Ezada breaks his ass with her huge cock.  Laying back, Fetish Liza presses her own strapon to slave’s lips and has him suck her while his ass is taken.  His ass spreads open and takes in the long hard strokes that Mistress Ezada gives him.  Inside his chastity device, his cock begins to harden as he enjoys the feeling of being spitroasted by two gorgeous Femdom Goddesses.  Once Mistress Ezada warms up his ass, Fetish Liza introduces her slave to a brand new strapon which is thicker than he’s ever experienced before.  His ass is spread wide as his moans intensify and he’s obviously in pain.  Little by little, however, Fetish Liza opens him up and his ass  accommodates her massive dick.  This is anal slut training at its finest.  Fetish Liza and Mistress Ezada are two of the hottest Femdom Goddesses on the planet, and this lucky slave is taken from both ends by this gorgeous Domme Duo.  Lucky little anal bitch!

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Clip Name: Spitroasted Latex Bitch
Date Reviewed: June 28th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $18.99

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