Clip Review: Smother With a Ruined Orgasm – Featuring Mistress Gaia


The click of her stiletto heels, the mixed scent of her perfume with leather, and the catlike way in which she circles you…everything about Mistress Gaia is pure eroticism.  Bound to a chair, naked and completely exposed, you await Mistress’ first move.  Will she be cruel or kind? Perhaps a little of both as she sizes you up.  Wordlessly, she pulls the plastic bag over your head and pulls it tight, cutting off your ability to breath.  You feel yourself panic and look up at her for mercy.  In return, she locks eyes with you, taking joy in your fear.  She is like a predator with her prey as she toys with you, allowing air, then smothering you again with her gloved hands.  Sliding her boot across your cock, she begins toying with you and getting you hard to her touch.  Of course, pleasure and pain are the perfect blend when you enter Mistress Gaia’s erotic world.  Stepping down on your throbbing cock, Mistress presses down harder until you groan in pain.  Her smile tells you everything you need to know…she likes it when you suffer!
Taking your cock in her gloved hand, Mistress begins teasing you, tormenting you and getting you fully aroused.  Always present, the plastic bag is tightened and released as Mistress sees fit.  Your desperation for air is replaced with a burning desire to cum as her hand strokes you so expertly to that edge of release.  Will she allow you to cum, or take your breath away? Her mood is impossible to read, and you are truly as terrified as you are aroused.  On edge, exactly as Mistress Gaia loves to have you.  Never be too comfortable and assume you know what goes on in that devious mind of your exquisitely beautiful Mistress, little slave.  You are a toy to play with, a pawn to sacrifice, and always exist for her pleasure and amusement.  Feel her stroking increase and your cock respond as it always does to her touch.  Closer and closer to that magical release, Mistress abruptly pulls her hand off your cock at the penultimate moment where one more stroke would have you spurting your worship puddle half way across the room.  Standing back with a smile and laugh, Mistress takes great pleasure in your moans of desperation and the way your cock twitches as it awaits the milking that will never come.  What should have been a geyser dribbles down your cock as it spasms and tries to release itself.  She can take your breath away, and she can surely deny you any pleasure as she ruins your orgasm.  In Mistress Gaia’s dungeon, you are here to please and if that means suffering, all the better.  That’s a good boy.  Gasp for air and ache for that satisfying release she has denied you.

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Clip Name: Smother With a Ruined Orgasm
Models In The Clip: Mistress Gaia
Date Reviewed: December 2nd, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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