Clip Review: Slave Girl Ignored While She Sniffs, Worships & Eats Ass – Featuring Goddess Raquel Roper


Not all women are created equal.  A woman as beautiful, powerful and dominant as Goddess Raquel Roper can bring both men, and many other women, to their knees before her with a simple command.  Her authority over her submissives is absolute, and there is no question who the Alpha is in any room Goddess Raquel enters.  Watch in awe as she leads her pretty slavegirl into the room on a leash, crawling eagerly behind her Goddess.  Without a word, she lies down on her stomach and begins sorting through various emails, text messages and requests from adoring slaves worldwide, as her obedient pet begins to worship Goddess Raquel’s glorious ass.  Soft kisses at first, then more desperate licks and hungry worship.  Slavegirl love’s her Queen’s ass and it’s very obvious she exists to please and worship.  Goddess Raquel? She seems oblivious to her slavegirl’s very existence as she ignores her tongue and lips lapping away at her perfect derriere.
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Sniff, worship and eat. From the moment the clip begins, it is obvious that slavegirl is there to please and satisfy her Goddess.  She will not be acknowledged, she will not be praised.  She will do as she is expected and worship her Superior’s ass.  Slipping aside her panties, Goddess Raquel returns to her phone as slavegirl licks and tongues that amazing ass like an obedient pet.  And though she is being treated as an object, like she doesn’t exist except for the amusement and pleasure of her Goddess, is there really any of us that wouldn’t offer almost anything to trade places with this privileged little slavegirl? After all, she is being granted the reward of adoring and worshiping one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and Goddess Raquel’s ass is one that we would all ache to kiss.  Watching her veritable indifference to the presence of her ass worshiping slave makes us ache even more for the chance to serve Goddess Raquel.  She is everything superior to us and everything we desire.  Her slavegirl is a very lucky pet, and she clearly cherishes every moment she spends with her tongue deep inside Goddess Raquel’s beautiful ass! Can you blame her??

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Clip Name: Slave Girl Ignored While She Sniffs, Worships & Eats Ass
Models In The Clip: Goddess Raquel Roper
Date Reviewed: November 25th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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