Clip Review: Skintight Smother – Featuring Mistress Gaia


Wordlessly, she straddles your face, standing above you in her gloriously shiny black latex catsuit and stiletto heeled boots.  Holding onto the suspension bar above you, Mistress Gaia slowly lowers herself down until she is kneeling over you.  As she slides her body back onto your face, you doubt anything has ever been more erotic or beautiful.  Her long dark hair cascading down her back, Mistress Gaia finds her place on your face and wraps her legs above your head on the floor.  Lick that latex catsuit, little pet.  Feel your cock growing in your chastity cage as she grinds down on your face before slowly lifting back off of you.  Like a cat toying with a mouse, Mistress will smother and release.  Struggle to hold your breath a little longer each time as Mistress presses firmly down and takes away your air.  This clip is all about Mistress Gaia and the Queen will be using your face as her throne.  You don’t have a problem with that do you slave?
Sliding her lithe body upwards, Mistress Gaia stands upon you with all her weight.  Her heels press into your flesh as you groan as silently as possible.  Slaves are to behave in Mistress’ presence and you will be her floor mat to walk all over as much as you will be her throne to sit upon.  Slipping effortlessly back down onto your face, you feel the desperation of having her smother you into submission.  You can feel the heat as her ass and pussy press down tightly, suffocating you while arousing your Mistress.  Absolute blackness.  Your mouth, nose and eyes covered by black latex, but more than that, the deprivation of oxygen is having the desired effect of closing off your consciousness.  Feel yourself slipping away as she presses more firmly and know that you will do anything to please Mistress Gaia.  Standing triumphantly over you, Mistress Gaia presses her boot to your forehead, confirming that you have indeed passed out, and she struts away dreaming of your next torment once you wake up.

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Clip Name: Skintight Smother
Models In The Clip: Mistress Gaia
Date Reviewed: December 19th, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $5.99

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