Clip Review: Sensual CEI Initiation For Goddess – Featuring Goddess Eva de Vil


Proving your worthiness to worship a beautiful woman like Goddess Eva de Vil involves a rigorous initiation ritual that not all men can complete.  How devoted are you to your beautiful brunette Temptress, with her perfectly angelic face, devilish curves and sensual accent? She knows your type…greedy, horny and hungry.  But to prove your devotion, Goddess Eva will have you swallow your own cum.  It’s been building since the first glimpse you took in of your newest addiction.  This load will be the most important one as it will bring you one step closer to joining Goddess Eva’s stable of piggies.  Take your cock in hand and prepare yourself to be teased beyond your breaking point.  How long will it take Goddess to get you to that edge and have you humbly begging to swallow your load?
Can you imagine being owned by Goddess Eva? Her flawless beauty on display in sexy lingerie and heels.  Thank her for existing and allowing you to stroke in her presence.  Take a deep breath and take in the hypnotic motion of Goddess Eva’s hips.  Stroke along with your Goddess and feel her taking over your mind as she owns your cock.  Long, slow strokes, building yourself up slowly and filling those balls.  Goddess wants you so desperately eager to release that you will eat your cum without hesitation.  That’s the kind of dedication she requires of all her slaves.  Pleasing Goddess Eva is the only thing that matters.  You will complete humiliating tasks to amuse her, but know that the only true way to please Goddess Eva is by handing over your cash.  You will work hard to please your greedy Goddess.  Your greed for cum is only surpassed by her greed for your money.  Be a good boy for your Goddess and earn your rewards as you stroke, cum and swallow, all the while paying for the privilege of existing in Goddess Eva’s divine world.  And as she counts you down and you explode, devour that worship puddle, and with the taste of your own cum on your lips and tongue, feel the control and dominance of the beautiful and elegant Goddess Eva de Vil.  This is what absolute devotion and slavery feels like.  Welcome to Goddess Eva’s world, little bitch!

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Clip Name: Sensual CEI Initiation For Goddess
Models In The Clip: Goddess Eva de Vil
Date Reviewed: December 28th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $14.99

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