Clip Review: Sahara’s Ass Addict Forever – Featuring Queen Sahara

Queen Sahara - Saharas Ass Addict FOREVER - iWantClips

Every part of Queen Sahara’s flawless body makes you weak.  You do things for her you never dreamed she could make you do, all to get a glimpse of her perfection.  But nothing makes you weaker than when she turns and presents to you her gorgeous ass…it’s your weakness…your flaw.  Nothing she asks of you is too much when she shows you her perfect ass.  You want to stroke to her ass so badly, it will be the highlight of your entire day.  Watch as she sways her hips, flexes her muscular cheeks, and deepens your addiction with a little booty shake.  So many men before you have fallen victim.  Queen Sahara loves to use her body to exploit men’s weaknesses and have them at her disposal.  You will serve your Queen, and she, in turn, will offer you a glimpse of her beauty as reward.
Take a long look at her perfect body and ache for her.  You’d do anything for her, wouldn’t you, beta boy? Anything to please your Queen.  Her gorgeous ebony flesh beckons you, leading you to do things you shouldn’t, but can’t help but do.  Your weakness is resisting Queen Sahara when she seduces and teases.  She can get anything she wants using her weapon…her perfect body.  How badly do you want to kneel and worship her ass? Are you willing to do anything? Of course you are.  Queen Sahara already knows how weak she makes you.  Every time you look at her, the look on your face tells her everything she needs to know…she owns you.  Bow down…no limits…perfection demands total obedience and you cannot resist.  Good boy.  Repeat your mantra…“I will always be weak for Sahara’s body.  I will always go into debt for Sahara’s body”.

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Clip Name: Sahara’s Ass Addict Forever
Models In The Clip: Queen Sahara
Date Reviewed: June 27th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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