Clip Review: Resistance Is Futile – Featuring Mistress Meana Wolf


Torture is a thing of the past, gorgeous spy, Meana Wolf, explains to her bound captive.  With his hands restrained above his head, his cock exposed with a tight ring around the base, he is unable to resist as Meana slides her gloved hands all over his body.  He’s been trained to resist, but this is nothing like his exercises.  No pain, no terror, simply a stunningly beautiful woman, dressed in sexy lingerie, seductively tracing her hands all over him and speaking sensually of how things are different now.  Now that men have learned to withstand pain, Meana’s agency has had to resort to other sensations to extract valuable information from those that fall into their hands.  Pleasure can be just as effective at coercing information as pain.  Her training is extensive and she is built to bring pleasure with her mouth, her hands and anything else required to make you completely vulnerable to spilling secrets.  When she’s done plugging your ass with a butt plug, you’ll find yourself letting down your guard as she begins to stroke your cock slowly and sensually.  Rubbing her nylon-clad ass on your cock, your body reacts exactly as Meana knew it would.  Getting harder, she takes your throbbing dick into her mouth.  No woman has ever made it feel so good.  Her lips, her tongue, her hands…her skills are unimaginable, and you begin to worry you might be willing to do anything it takes to keep that sensation going.  She is as disarming as she is beautiful, and she’s just getting started with you.
Placing her amazing ass on your face as she sucks your cock, she has you moaning and admitting that Meana is the best you’ve ever experienced.  With your sensations already off the chart, Meana inserts a sounding rod down your shaft and continues to suck and stroke.  You’ve never experienced this before, but the feeling is still remarkably pleasurable.  Deeper and deeper, she probes your cock with that sounding rod as she gets you closer and closer to the greatest orgasm of your life.  It’s only as she gets you to the point of no return that Meana reveals her wicked plans for you.  After she makes you cum, with your cock as overly sensitive as it will ever be, that’s when pleasure turns to pain, and Meana will get what she wants from you.  Knowing what is in store for you, you try desperately to hold back what has already been decided.  You’ve allowed her to take you beyond your breaking point and you WILL cum for Agent Meana.  And when you do, you’ll be completely powerless to resist her post-cum torture as she extracts every secret you have from you in exchange for stopping stroking your cock! And when the inevitable happens and you shoot that load Meana has extracted from you, her stroking turns to frenzied rubbing as you scream out in agony.  This is worse than anything you were trained for and in a matter of moments the suffering becomes unbearable.  She can take away your pain instantly if you simply tell her what she wants to know.  You beg for mercy and plead with her to stop.  This woman, only moments ago, who gave you the greatest pleasure you’ve ever enjoyed, is now destroying you with those intense stroking sensations.  As you spill every secret you have, Meana cruelly admits that your partner they captured already told them everything they wanted to know.  This was simply for Meana’s amusement she says as she glides away past you rubbing some of your cum on your lips as a keepsake of your time spent captor to the most erotic and wicked woman you’ll ever meet!

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Clip Name: Resistance Is Futile
Models In The Clip: Mistress Meana Wolf
Date Reviewed: December 11th, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $14.99

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