Clip Review: Party Night Bitch Boy – Featuring Divine Goddess Jessica

In her fishnet bodystocking and shiny black heels, the woman of your dreams looks down at you.  What an astonishing experience this must be for you as she has been the focus of your every fantasy for as long as you can remember.  THE Goddess Jessica, in the perfect flesh, right in front of you.  Your mind races with thoughts of all that she has done to you from afar, and you feel the excitement and fear of not knowing what she might do now that you she has you kneeling before her.  You know she’s beautiful and sexy, but you also know her cruel and sadistic streak is never far away.  Will she tease you until you’re a puddle of a man, reduced to begging and grovelling for the opportunity to stroke to your Queen? Or does she have something darker in mind, something that will make you wish you hadn’t come here without letting another soul know where you would be?  Extending her long legs, she explains that you will be serving at her party tonight, ensuring that guests have whatever they want.  Serve drinks, worship boots, whatever it takes.  You’ll be Goddess Jessica’s little party bitch.  Is that clear? Compliance, absolute obedience, in fact, is required for tonight, so Goddess Jessica will get you aroused and excited to the point of blue balls, leaving you so easily controlled.  It’s always the way, isn’t it pet? “Yes Goddess” you say as if hypnotized by her magnetic presence.  In her clips and your online interactions you felt her power, her allure, but that is nothing compared to the sensory overload of being in her presence.  There is nothing you won’t do for your Queen.  With your balls full, there’s nothing Goddess Jessica can’t make you do.  Beg to stroke for your Goddess.  Stroke for her perfect legs, her awe-inspiring ass.  Everything about Goddess Jessica drives you mad with lust.  No other woman has ever had the impact on you that she can have with just a glance.  You will serve Goddess Jessica forever and nothing else will ever compare.  As you stroke to that edge, know that you will not cum.  Your balls will be swollen and heavy and that dull ache will be a constant reminder tonight that you are owned by none other than THE Goddess Jessica, herself. 
As the party goes along, Goddess may choose to hurt you, humiliate you or simply ignore you.  Whatever she decides, you will comply eagerly.  Beg to kiss that heavenly ass of hers…that ass that keeps you awake at night, sneaking down to your computer for just one more glimpse.  The harder she makes you as you stroke, the more exciting it is for Goddess Jessica as she tells you about the chastity cage you’ll be wearing during the entire party.  She wants you pent up and ready to explode, and then she’ll lock you up.  And as you serve at the party tonight, you’ll see the shiny key to your freedom around her neck, plunging down between those two perfect perky breasts.  Stroking and torment, pleasure and suffering.  Tease and denial.  Every moment you spend before your Queen is a dichotomy that leaves your head spinning and the addiction growing deeper by the second.  The word “no” simply doesn’t exist when you serve Goddess Jessica.  Her game…her rules.  It’s so easy for her to boss you around and she takes great delight in your desperate efforts to keep up when she’s always going to be 3 moves ahead of you.  And as she tires of you, needing to prepare for her party, Goddess has you make sure that your raging cock suffers some self-inflicted CBT until it goes flaccid enough to lock away in the cage.  That’s a good boy.  You’re ready to serve your Goddess and all her friends now.  Such an obedient party bitch you make.
Once again, for those of you, like me, who follow and adore Goddess Jessica, this clip will resonate even more strongly as you dream of that day when you will bow before your Queen.  I don’t know when, or even if, but one day I hope to experience what this clip describes as I take in the overwhelming sensation of bowing before the most irresistibly sexy woman I have ever known!

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Clip Name: Party Night Bitch Boy
Models In The Clip: Divine Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: December 30th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $11.99

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