Clip Review: One True Deity – Featuring Princess Lyne


Unless you’re working for her, you are nothing to an extraordinary beauty like Princess Lyne.  Look up at her; her long blonde hair, perfect features, and a body that makes men cry.  She is perfection.  She is otherworldly, in fact.  With her black knee high boots caressing those long perfect legs, she makes men ache anywhere she goes.  You’re no different.  You’ve fallen completely under her spell and have found yourself devoting your life to pleasing her.  What is this, if not a religion? You kneel, you pray for her attention and pleasure and you surrender all your worldly possessions to secure your place at her altar.  You exist for Princess Lyne’s pleasure.  Think of yourself as her devoted worshiper.  She is your God.  No one is to be put ahead of her interests.  You exist for Princess Lyne.  Repeat your new mantra.  “I live to please my perfect Princess Lyne”.
Each day, ask yourself if your existence today furthered the interests of your God.  Have you devoted every waking moment of your life to her? Have you given every ounce of effort to pleasing her and making her life better? You are nothing without your beautiful blonde Goddess.  Serving her gives you purpose and a reason to exist.  Exist for Princess Lyne.  She is exquisite perfection.  She is breathtaking beauty.  Life ceases to have any meaning without her existence.  She is a deity created to be worshiped by minions like you.  She gives your existence purpose.  Without her, there is no reason for you to exist.  Every day you will thank your Princess for her perfection.  You will pay tribute to your God.  You will kneel before your computer and pray to Princess Lyne.  Sing praise to your deity as you tribute her as thank you for giving your life purpose.  Sacrifice before your God is expected.  Everything that you earn is subject to tithing at the hands of your perfect God.  Your Princess belongs on a pedestal, held above everything else in your life.  Every worldly possession, every relationship, commitment etc. become secondary to the purpose of serving and obeying Princess Lyne.  Make her life easier, make her happy.  Make her life more exciting by paying tribute to her.  Give her 25% of everything you earn.  You work for her.  You exist for her.  Princess Lyne is your reason for living and you will bow before her and pay homage to her flawless perfection.

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Clip Name: One True Deity
Models In The Clip: Princess Lyne
Date Reviewed: September 14th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $11.99

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