Clip Review: Once You Take The Black You Can’t Ever Go Back – Featuring Goddess GlamyAnya


She’s the drop-dead gorgeous raven-haired Goddess of your dreams, and as she leads her perfect blonde pet by a leash into the centre of the room, you feel your cock stiffen and your heart race.  You’ve been granted an audience with the breathtaking Goddess GlamyAnya, a chance to sit quietly and observe.  Both Goddess and slavegirl are stunning in skintight black latex, and watching them interact makes you hunger for a more active role.  But to even make a sound, gasping audibly as Goddess explores her pet’s beautiful body with her hands and her flogger, would result in being banished and unable to watch any longer.  Sit quietly, slaveboy.  Watch in awe as Goddess brings her slavegirl’s face to hers and they twirl their tongues together seductively.  Listen to the wetness as Goddess playfully spanks her naked slavegirl’s pussy and you hear her soft moans.  This is heaven and hell all at once.  You ache to even touch yourself, but Goddess has ensured that you are tightly bound and will not derive anything but frustration from this performance.  Be thankful she doesn’t have you in a chastity cage while watching.  Can you imagine the agony of swelling inside that cage as Goddess leaves her gorgeous plaything momentarily to put on her huge black strapon? Watching the beautiful blonde pet rubbing her pussy in anticipation is almost too much for any man to handle, yet there you are with a perfect view.  Stay quiet, slaveboy.  Goddess GlamyAnya is just getting her slavegirl warmed up and you’re about to witness something truly erotic!
With her legs spread wide, her shaved pussy glistening in anticipation, slavegirl swallows Goddess’ huge black strapon as far into her mouth and throat as she can.  Your own cock throbs for her mouth and you can’t take your eyes off Goddess and that massive black phallus between her legs.  You feel your ass clench as you find your mind wandering to what she might do to you with it should you misbehave.  With her cock nice and lubed up, Goddess moves between her pet’s legs and brings her cock to her pussy.  Pressing in, Goddess GlamyAnya enters her slavegirl as she leans forward and kisses her passionately.  You hear the little blonde’s soft moan as she kisses and then again as the strapon slides into her.  Watching closely, you can almost feel her tight hot pussy on your own cock, and you ache for her.  Your mind wanders to visions of your cock thrusting in and out of her pussy while Goddess presses her strapon into your ass from behind in the ultimate fuck train.  Dream on slaveboy!  This party is just for the women and you’ll be watching, and nothing more.  And as you hear those moans becoming louder and more intense, you realize that Goddess is going to make her slavegirl cum hard on her big black cock and you feel precum oozing from your own cock, wishing you were man enough to do more than watch from the corner.  Glancing over at you as she cums, you feel yourself spellbound by this gorgeous submissive girl and her spectacular Goddess.  They’ve put on quite a show and it’s hit it’s mark in frustrating you completely and letting you know what you’ll never have.  If you’re a good boy, beg hard enough and sacrifice enough, perhaps Goddess will let you taste her pet while you clean off her cock…but only if you’re a VERY good boy!

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Clip Name: Once You Take The Black You Can’t Ever Go Back
Models In The Clip: Goddess GlamyAnya
Date Reviewed: December 3rd, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.00

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