Clip Review: My Fuck Hole – Featuring Mistress Nikita


Led wordlessly to the bench, you feel the click of your restraints as Mistress Nikita secures you firmly for what is to come.  The click of her heels on the dungeon floor as she circles you arouses you as it always has.  In her high heels and skintight catsuit, Mistress Nikita is devastatingly beautiful.  She is every man’s ultimate dream Goddess, and she loves to treat men like objects.  Slowly, deliberately, she strokes her massive black strap on as she tells you that you are nothing more than a fuckhole for her to play with.  It’s massive, thick and long.  Her black cock looks obscenely huge against her petite frame, and you clench involuntarily knowing what she has in mind for it.  What you like, what you enjoy, in fact, is completely irrelevant.  Mistress Nikita loves taking a man anally and turning him into a whimpering gape slut.  Today, you will prove your worth by taking her cock quietly and without any resistance.  Warming you up with her riding crop, you remember Mistress Nikita telling you how much she loves fucking a nice pink ass.  Only when she’s sufficiently pleased with the hue of your ass does Mistress put aside her crop and turn her attention to that puckered asshole of yours.  Raking her nails down your back and across your ass cheeks, you feel the pressure of the thick head of her big black cock insistently pressing to enter.  Gripping the bench and bracing yourself as best you can, you know it’s going to be days before you walk normally again and can sit down without wincing. Everything a reminder of your place in Mistress Nikita’s world as her little fuckhole.
That cock…the one that is too big to fit…too thick to get inside you, slides deep inside you under Mistress Nikita’s expert pace and rhythm.  You’re not the first, and certainly not the last, man that Mistress Nikita has broken.  You men will be amazed at what she can fit inside you, and how much you’ll learn to love it.  With that giant black cock sliding in and out of you, deeper than you could ever have dreamed, Mistress continues to purr as she fucks you.  Gripping your hips tightly, she pounds you hard and deep as you suppress the groans that build within you.  Each time you think you can’t possibly take more, Mistress slows down and sensually slips in and out slowly.  She is as astute at blending pleasure and pain as any woman you have ever known.  Hard and deep, slow and sensual.  You lose track of time as she uses your ass for her amusement and pleasure over and over again.  Slipping out to inspect her damage, she pops back inside you.  What was once tight resistance is now compliant and almost welcoming.  Another man broken down into the anal puppet Mistress Nikita loves so dearly.  That’s a good boy…such a nice little fuckhole you make for Mistress’ cock!

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Clip Name: My Fuck Hole
Models In The Clip: Mistress Nikita
Date Reviewed: December 4th, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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