Clip Review: My Brother’s Best Friend – Featuring Goddess Angel


Of course she’s noticed.  Every time you’re over you seem to find some kind of pathetic excuse to spend time with your friend’s little sister.  And as Angel works on posing for some sexy photos for her social media she notices you staring in that way that you always do.  She is bratty, but sexy.  She is annoyed by you, but enjoys the way she can so easily manipulate and control you.  With a word, Angel can make you feel like the loser you are, or make you throb with desire…sometimes both simultaneously.  As she looks over at you, swirling her lollipop around in her mouth in ways you will never forget, she lets you know that the amount of attention you pay to her, drooling over her all the time, is truly pathetic.  You’re Angel’s brother’s best friend but you can’t help but stare at her sexy knee-high stockings and she loves teasing you to the point of total distraction.  All the ways she teases, and the sexy outfits she wears, you go straight home and jerk off thinking about your friend’s sexy little sister, don’t you loser? Are you even really friends with her brother, or is Angel the real draw and why you spend time at his house? Lifting her sexy skirt, she shows you that ass that makes you throb with lust.  She wants a favour from you, and of course you won’t say no.  Open your mouth, she tells you as she thrusts her wet lollipop into your mouth and then drizzles some of her spit into your mouth.  Swallowing that cherry flavoured spit, you moan as your cock aches for this bratty Temptress.  She’s going to teach her brother a lesson by having you, his best friend, fall completely in love with her, and by the desperate look on your face, it won’t be difficult to get you there!
Flexing her perfect young ass, Angel tells you that she can keep a secret and that her brother doesn’t need to know just how badly you want her.  It will be your little secret with his gorgeous little sister.  She knows how long it’s been and how badly you’ve wanted her.  She knows you’ve stroked and pumped your cock while thinking of her.  And though she could be flattered, she knows you’re a little beta bitch and she doesn’t fuck betas like you.  How pathetic is it that you’re sitting there speechless while this much younger girl has you wrapped around her little finger as she rubs her hands all over her amazing legs and ass?  How much fun would it be to turn her brother’s best friend into her little bitch? Sneak away from seeing him to come and lick and worship her heels and sniff her perfect ass? You’d do that for Angel, wouldn’t you bitch? She’ll keep your lustful desire a secret from everyone…for a price.  The instant you step into her house, you belong to Goddess Angel.  You’re her little bitch! You’ll give her whatever she desires…money, service, whatever she demands.  You know you can’t say no to the ultimate brat.  Keep stroking to her and she’ll keep your secret as long as you meet her every need and demand.  You’re going to be her good little bitchboy and beg to sniff her ass.  Push that lollipop a little further down your throat and gag on it to amuse Angel.  Her sexy smile and little girl giggle as she spits into your open mouth, treating you like the beta bitch that you are, makes your dick twitch.  You’ll never fuck her perfect pussy, but you’ll sacrifice dating any other girls to serve Goddess Angel.  She owns you.  Stroke to perfection every day like the freak that you are.  That teenage pussy makes you harder and more excited than anything else ever could.  You’ve been Angel’s slave since the first time you met her.  You’ve been eagerly awaiting the chance to formally kneel before her, stroke your cock and admit that you’d do anything for her.  Secret or no secret, you’d never leave your place as Goddess Angel’s little bitch.  She’s your dream girl and she holds all the power.  You’ll never escape.  Wear that invisible collar she has around your neck with pride and know that you’re fucked.  Goddess Angel is everything you need and want.  Spend, spoil and serve your perfect Bratty Goddess forever.

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Clip Name: My Brother’s Best Friend
Models In The Clip: Goddess Angel
Date Reviewed: December 5th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $16.00

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