Clip Review: Morning Cardio Fuck – Featuring AstroDomina

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As every fitness buff knows, a strong core is essential to any fitness regimen, and no one knows this more than super-fit AstroDomina. She is highly dedicated to sculpting her perfect body and knows how to work her tight abs and core. Each morning, Miss Sydney stretches and then begins her workout.  Today, dressed in a skintight, shiny black latex catsuit, she summons her slave for a round of pelvic thrusts to work her abs, her thighs and her core.  Not one for letting her exercise routine become tired or common, Miss Sydney varies her exercises by incorporating some awe-inspiring strapon action! Almost ritualistically, Miss Sydney surveys her assortment of toys and harnesses on her rack of implements.  Each cock is bigger than the next, all are black.  Her weapons range from significant gaping to abject anal destruction.  She chooses a midsize strapon for today’s workout, though nothing about this dildo is ordinary.  Strapping tight, Miss Sydney snaps her fingers and tells her slave to climb on her cock as she leans back, ready to workout.
Slowly and deliberately, the massive phallus enters slave’s ass as he groans at the intrusion.  Even the most seasoned of anal sluts will cringe at just how wide open Miss Sydney’s toy will spread her slave.   With his legs trembling and as he shivers and moans, slave’s ass is used for Miss Sydney’s workout as she lifts and tilts her hips, thrusting in and out of him.  Feel the burn, little slave, as Miss Sydney surely will as she works those sculpted muscles of hers.  With ever thrust, she tones herself making her even more irresistible to every man lucky enough to serve her.  Generously, she even allows slaveboy to ride the cock using his own power so he can work his quads and glutes to make him increase his fitness.  When she’s completed a rather vigorous workout, Miss Sydney slaps her anal slut on his well used ass, dismissing him as she will move on to more exercises that do not require this particular “piece of equipment”.  All in a day’s workout for the spectacularly fit and beautiful Goddess of your dreams!

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Clip Name: Morning Cardio Fuck
Models In The Clip: AstroDomina
Date Reviewed: December 17th, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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