Clip Review: Money Making Machine – Featuring Miss Sydney (aka AstroDomina)

AstroDomina - MONEY MAKING MACHINE feat AstroDomina HD MP4

How many times have you tried? How often do you tell yourself that today will be the day that you break the addiction? You’ll stop paying Miss Sydney, stop buying and watching her clips and get on with your life.  Just one more time, right slaveboy? One more viewing of a clip and stroking to her beautiful perfection and then you’ll stop.  Is that how the cycle plays out little pet? Where exactly do you think this plan is going for you? Because each time you try to escape, the little rabbit hole Miss Sydney has created for you deepens even more.  Each time you deny yourself, the addiction simply grows more powerful.  Accept the fact that Miss Sydney will always be in your life, always be your obsession, and you’ll always be in balance.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Imagine the bliss of always having Miss Sydney in your life.  No guilt.  No shame each time you fail to break the cycle.  Come on pet…take out your cash and lay it out before your Goddess.  Simply listen to her sensual voice and let her perfect ass do what it does to you every single time…bring you to your knees. 
Do you remember the feeling that very first time you were permitted to kiss Miss Sydney’s magnificent ass? That feeling that makes your cock turn to granite instantaneously even as you think of it? Her ass is so beautiful, so perfect.  There is nothing like it and the rush you feel as she turns it towards you is indescribable.  Your Goddess wants tribute while you worship her ass.  What kind of money? The kind of money that looks perfect against her gorgeous ass, right little ass pet? Draping her ass in hundred dollar bills would be just perfect and be exactly what her glorious ass deserves, don’t you agree.  Kiss it all night, adding hundreds to her g-string as you do.  With each kiss, place another Benjamin in that g-string buttboy.  Again and again.  Another hundred tributed to the most beautiful ass you have ever knelt before.  Worship and pay.  Ass worship and financial domination, so deeply intertwined that you will learn to pay for the privilege without hesitation and forget all about trying to deny yourself.  This is your world now, little pet.  You belong to Miss Sydney’s perfect ass and paying huge amounts of money to that ass feels SO good! Her ass is a money-maker unlike anything else in this world.  Nothing can stop her.  How far will you go? As far as Miss Sydney and her sensational ass demand of you, of course.
Speaking from personal experience, the feeling of placing your lips to that perfect ass of Miss Sydney’s is something I will never forget.  In a recent session I was granted two minutes to kiss and worship her glorious bubble butt and it was the greatest two minutes ever! Smooth, tanned skin, muscular and curvy, her ass is absolutely devastating.  By the time the two minutes blurred by, there was nothing I wouldn’t do for the next chance to worship it.  That weak feeling you experience each time you pay for Miss Sydney’s gorgeous ass…nothing else will ever compare!

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Clip Name: Money Making Machine
Models In The Clip: Miss Sydney
Date Reviewed: November 21st, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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