Clip Review: Loving Lipstick Lance – Featuring Queen Arena Rome & Lance Hart

Marriage involves trust, yet too often secrets keep a couple from truly being happy.  Afraid to tell his wife about his desire to dress up like a little slutty girl in her panties and stockings, Lance has had a fetish for painting his lips for years that he’s kept from his wife.  But what of Queen Arena Rome, Lance’s gorgeous wife? She hungers for something more, something darker and less conventional as well.  She has never shared her inner dominance and desires with her husband and instead has quietly grown bored with living up to societal and moral expectations of what a man and woman should behave like.  Home alone, thinking he has more than enough time to indulge in his sissy fantasies, Lance dresses in lingerie, stockings and heels and is about to paint his lips when his wife surprises him by coming home early.  This critical moment could be the end of their marriage, and Lance is mortified as his secret desires are there for his wife to see.  To his surprise, however, Queen Arena is more than accepting, telling Lance that she accepts him for what he is and loves him even more now that she knows what he truly desires.  But beneath her comfort and acceptance lies something more as Queen Arena feels her own desires surface. She has grown tired of simply stroking her huge strapon while she’s alone, yearning for that willing sissy slut to suck it and take it deep.  Now, in a fortuitous bit of timing, she has discovered that the key to her happiness wears her ring and shares her bed.  This married couple is about to discover that they can meet each others needs better than they ever imagined. 
Slowly, sensually, Queen Arena validates Lance’s sissy desires as she tells him how beautiful he is and caresses his body through the silky fabric of his lingerie and stockings.  The bulge in his panties grows as she tells him he’s the perfect husband.  Kissing him passionately, Queen Arena tells Lance he is being true to who he is, and that she loves him even more knowing the real truth of what he desires to be for her.  Taking out her huge blue strapon, she tells Lance that what he wants is absolutely normal and she begins to stroke his cock together with her own.  Feel the sensuality of her touch, the comfort she provides for him as he lets go of all that he’s kept hidden for so long.  Slowly, she teaches him to be her beautiful and sexy cocksucking husband.  Taking her strapon into his mouth, Lance fulfills his dream of kneeling and sucking cock, safe in the environment his loving wife has created for him through acceptance.  She will teach him to suck cock just as she sucks his.  Walking him through each and every step, Queen Arena demonstrates as Lance moans as her warm wet mouth has never felt more amazing.  With her strapon buried in his throat, Queen loves having Lance revealed as her sexy sissy cocksucker.  She will make him so good at taking cock.  This is the kind of man that Lance is and his wife accepts and embraces what he will be.  He’s fantasized about sucking cock for so long secretly as he dressed up, but now he can share his desires with his wife.  And with her strapon properly sucked and lubed up, she asks if he’s ready for his first time.  Gently at first, taking her time, she slips her cock into his ass and spreads him wide open.  The feeling is electric as Lance backs onto her cock over and over again and she reaches down between his legs to stroke his own throbbing dick.  Lance is the sissy that Queen Arena has always wanted.  She loves her new “girl” and sliding her cock into Lance’s tight man pussy feels amazing after all those times she’s thought about taking a man’s virginity.  Slowly and sensually, she strokes his cock as she slides in and out, stimulating his prostate like it was a clit.  She’s proud of Lance as he takes it like a good little girl for his Queen.  A little faster, her hand stroking in time with her strapon thrusts, Lance is brought to that edge of release and you can palpably feel the shift in power in the relationship as he wraps his legs around his Queen and lets go completely, covering himself in his cum.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with surrendering to your desires, and lucky Lance has the wife every man dreams of.  Beautiful, kinky and understanding, Queen Arena Rome is just beginning to help Lance become the kind of sissy slut he’s always dreamed of.  Stay tuned, as this clip screams out for a sequel.  What will happen to Lance next? I know, I for one, would love to find out!

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Clip Name: Loving Lipstick Lance
Models In The Clip: Queen Arena Rome & Lance Hart
Date Reviewed: December 31st, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips or Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $24.99

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