Clip Review: Lipstick Fetish, Lip Worship, Findom Spit Fetish – Featuring Temptress Wonder


Perfect pouty lips…painted blood red and enticing you to submit.  Temptress Wonder doesn’t need to say a word and she captivates your attention with one of her many beautiful features.  Look at her gorgeous lips.  Watch her purse them together and dream of kissing this gorgeous Temptress.  She traces her tongue along her bright red lips, knowing that worldwide, men are falling to their knees and moaning her name.  Can you imagine what those lips and that tongue could do? How hard does it make you to dream of the sensations they could create on that rock hard cock of yours? Dream on, little slave, all you get to do is drool precum as Temptress Wonder asserts her dominance over you, drooling spit and licking her perfect lips.  Her lips can, and will, make you do things you might never have imagined.
What is it about a sexy pair of full, painted lips that makes us so weak? Is it the glistening shine of wetness left behind as that soft, wet tongue traces along them? Is it the implied promise of oral pleasure that only a skilled mouth can provide? Whatever the trigger, Temptress Wonder understands, and exploits, her physical gift.  You want her mouth…you can’t stop staring.  Every picture or clip she posts to her Twitter leaves you weaker and more willing to do whatever it takes to see more.  The addiction you feel growing inside you as you watch her soft red lips teasing you so easily is like a wildfire burning out of control.  Surrender to your lustful desire.  She has what you need.  Those sexy red lips and that soft tongue are the key to your world of fetish and fantasy.  She owns you and she hasn’t even said a word.  Are you excited for what comes next? Kneel down and beg Temptress Wonder for permission to enter her world and know that those perfect red lips will haunt you forever!

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Clip Name: Lipstick Fetish, Lip Worship, Findom Spit Fetish
Models In The Clip: Temptress Wonder
Date Reviewed: January 2nd, 2018
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $5.99

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