Clip Review: Let’s Play A Findom Game – Featuring Princess Sheridan

FemdomPrincessSheridan - Lets Play A Findom Game - iWantClip

Her instructions at the beginning of this video are crystal clear…be ready to tribute and have fun in this sexy game of Findom ruination.  Sexy Princess Sheridan is going to drain you for all you’re worth, and she’s going to make you love giving everything to her.  Presenting an empty wine glass for your viewing, Princess explains that every time she spits into that glass, you’ll pay.  The rules are very simple, and she’s very confident you’ll obey.  How could you resist? You’ve bought this clip because, deep down, you have an unquenchable desire to be used financially.  You hunger to have your wallet raped by a hot young Princess, and Sheridan is just the Temptress to drain you into bankruptcy.  Princess Sheridan isn’t the only one with a glass in front of her.  Yours, however, will be filled with your favourite liquor.  Putting her bare feet up on the table, Princess tells you that you will be stroking to her sexy soles.  As she has you begin to stroke to her sexy feet, it feels so good that you almost forget about the rules. As she slowly spits into her glass, you’re told to make the first of many tributes.  Obey and stroke.  It feels good to do exactly as your perfect Princess commands, doesn’t it slaveboy?
Pay, pay, pay.  That’s all Princess cares about.  Your worth to her is only as valuable as the balance of your bank account.  But you love when she teases you, and stroking for her as she spits into her glass drives you mad.  Keep stroking as you send another tribute.  Each time you pay her, your cock gets even harder and your mind turns to mush.  No cumming, slave.  Princess has much more draining in mind for you.  You love everything about your Princess…her beautiful face, her amazing breasts and that hot sexy little ass.  Moan her name as you stroke and pay even more.  The tribute demands come fast, and Princess is relentless in her assault on your wallet.  Some smaller tributes, some huge.  Imagine how good it would feel to have Princess rub her sexy feet in your face, or press her breasts against you.  Stroke and pay loser.  You owe another tribute.  Spit, stroke and pay.  Everything Princess Sheridan wants is hers.  If you pay enough, maybe Princess will let you use your glass to catch a nice big cumload for you to swallow.  Once your balls and bank account are thoroughly drained, you may crawl away until the next time that ache begins to take over your thoughts.  Don’t worry…Princess Sheridan will always be making more Findom draining clips for you hungry little bitches to buy and be consumed by.  Until next time loser…

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Clip Name: Let’s Play A Findom Game
Models In The Clip: Princess Sheridan
Date Reviewed: August 16th, 2017
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $19.99

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