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Goddess Jessica - Lets Discuss Your Husband - iWantClips

Years ago, I wrote a script for a Phone Domme who had received a call from an angry wife, demanding that she no longer accept calls and tributes from her husband.  She related the story of how the wife went from being hostile and demanding to accepting and even somewhat submissive.  The conversation ended with the Domme suggesting that perhaps wifey might enjoy a call session of her own sometime.  At the time I wrote the script, I had no idea a woman as powerful and all-consuming as Goddess Jessica even existed.  And when Goddess Jessica released this clip, every memory of the story I wrote came flooding back.  The irate wife, confronting the perfect Mistress, full of anger and resentment at how her husband had betrayed her.  The slow and gradual breaking of her resolve in the face of irresistible Alpha beauty, and her eventual succumbing to the urge to serve, just as her husband had so easily.  Is it really hard to imagine a women falling under Goddess Jessica’s seductive spell despite her intentions to resist? I know the instant I saw her on screen I started thinking about how it would be if she made my own wife her little sex toy!  In her provocative lingerie, Goddess Jessica opens the door, welcoming her angry confronter into her home.  She freely admits that she fucks this woman’s husband every Wednesday, and has enslaved him into doing whatever she demands of him.  This is not at all how wifey thought this would go, and the combination of her honesty and beauty has left wifey with her mouth open, staring at Goddess Jessica in awe.  Does the fact that Goddess Jessica has made your husband her bitch, flaunting how easily she can have him on demand, make you angry? No…you’re not angry.  You’re jealous of your husband getting to spend so much time with this beautiful Goddess, isn’t that right? You want to be Goddess Jessica’s little pet, wouldn’t you? Coming over her to confront your husband’s Mistress hasn’t at all gone as planned.  And as Goddess Jessica tells you she’s going to phone your husband and tell him that you’ll be her pet today instead of him, you say nothing to resist.  It’s obvious you’re in love with Goddess Jessica, and her nude pics she’s sent your husband have made you so wet, it makes you tremble.  Kneel down and admit you belong to Goddess Jessica as much as your husband does.  And for you males watching, just dream of how easily Goddess could infiltrate your marriage and turn you both into her little sluts.  The very thought of it made me ache for My Queen even more!
Kneeling down, wifey feels the true power of how easily Goddess Jessica controls men and women alike.  Have you touched yourself to her pictures? Her body is so beautiful.  You fantasize about her all the time, don’t you? Perhaps both you and your husband will be kept as sex toys for Goddess Jessica.  Wednesdays will now be about you arriving first and setting up the wine and candles before retreating to the corner.  She’ll have you kneel in the corner, listening to her fucking your husband in the bedroom.  And when they’re done, Goddess Jessica will snap her fingers and you’ll obediently come to the bedroom and clean her up.  Does that excite you slavegirl? Do you feel conflicted? You had all this anger built up to confront her today, but Goddess Jessica has turned the tables on you in an instant and now look at you…on your knees, pussy soaked and agreeing to serve alongside your husband as her little bitch.  That’s a good girl.  You belong on your knees, ready to lick pussy for Goddess Jessica.  Tell Goddess that you love her just like your husband does.  This wasn’t about confronting your husband’s lover, it was about bowing before the woman that will always be your Superior.  This is what you always wanted, little slave bitch.

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Clip Name: Let’s Discuss Your Husband
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: October 28th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $15.99

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