Clip Review: Latex Ass Worship – Featuring Goddess RQM

What would you give? What would you surrender for the privilege of kneeling before the beautiful redheaded Russian Goddess QueenM, and be granted the privilege of shining her latex panties? With her slave naked, masked and with a leash around his obviously rock hard cock, QueenM tells her eager slave that he had better do a good job or the punishment will be severe.  Turning towards the wall as her slave oils up his hands, Goddess makes her eager pet beg for the privilege of applying the oil to her black latex panties.  Her ass is exquisite, her legs are long and she is wearing black thigh high boots.  Her long red hair cascading down her back, Goddess is a vision of perfection.  As he begs, slaveboy is made to kiss and worship her boots and he obediently does as he’s told.  He begs to continue being her latex bitch.  He will devote himself to shining and worshiping his Goddess.  Finally, he is granted permission to begin applying the oil to the latex panties.  What a treat this must be to caress her amazingly beautiful ass.  Slaveboy is obviously enjoying his duties as his cock stands at full attention, the way it always does in his Goddess’ presence.
He is horny and eager to worship his Queen.  She toys with him as he rubs the oil onto her panties.  Her sensual voice and that seductive Russian accent make QueenM even more irresistible than she already is.  Leaning forward, slaveboy is allowed to kiss the latex panties and worship his Goddess’ ass.  Her ass is heavenly perfection and slaveboy hungrily applies kisses all over each cheek.  Sliding his tongue along the crack of her latex-clad ass, slaveboy moans her name as she teases him about being her latex worshiping little bitch.  He’s a pathetic little bitch who couldn’t help but get hard without permission. But really, how could he not? QueenM is so beautiful and erotic, what man could keep his cock from swelling in her presence? You certainly won’t as you watch this clip! When she finally tires of his eager tongue, Goddess turns her attention to her slave’s full balls and throbbing cock.  She kicks him lightly in the balls and in doing so, gets his precum on her boot.  Of course, this little latex bitch will lick that clean.  Licking every strand of precum from his Queen’s boots, latex boy is a horny bitch for his Queen.  Kissing her ass goodbye, it will be some time before this slave is granted such a privilege again.  He will forever be her latex slave, haunted by dreams of worshiping her amazing ass and the taste of her latex.  Such a good boy for your Queen!

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Clip Name: Latex Ass Worship
Models In The Clip: Goddess RQM
Date Reviewed: September 8th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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