Clip Review: Late Night Mindfuck – Featuring Goddess Tierra


You toss and turn, sleep always eluding you as you try to shut down your mind.  But with every passing moment, it gets later and you grow weaker.  Finally relenting, you open Goddess Tierra’s clipstore and binge again.  The addiction is relentless and your desire to serve your Goddess is insatiable.  Her powerful curves and luscious ebony skin haunt your every waking moment.  Your thoughts are consumed by her gorgeous round breasts, sensual lips and that powerful ass that makes you gasp each time she turns away from you.  You’ve always been weak for dominant women, but Goddess Tierra is that rare woman who can truly break you.  Your lust and lack of sleep leave you in a zombie-like state as you kneel and listen to Goddess Tierra’s voice.  Weak and vulnerable, exactly as Goddess likes her boys.  Look what she can do to you, little slave? You’re nothing more than a weak little bitch for your Goddess.
So quickly you have fallen deeply under her spell.  Deep in sub-space, you drool and stroke, trying to be quiet so you don’t disturb your wife.  It’s the perfect time for Goddess Tierra to completely mindfuck you.  Toying with her perfect ass, she has you spellbound and aching.  One glimpse of that perfection and you crumble completely.  You never did stand a chance as Goddess Tierra has made you into a little bitch for her with every clip you purchase.  She’s on your mind, 24/7, even when you sleep.  She controls every aspect of your life and you’ll never escape her clutches.  You can’t even fight it any more.  The more you resist, the harder Goddess Tierra fucks you as you crawl back.  No man can handle the perfection that is Goddess Tierra and you’ll always be up late at night, obsessing over your Goddess, stroking your dick, and making yourself weaker and more susceptible to her taking you even deeper the next time.  Look at her little addict.  This is one addiction you will never break.  Your perfect ebony Goddess owns you more with every moment that passes.

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Clip Name: Late Night Mindfuck
Models In The Clip: Goddess Tierra
Date Reviewed: December 13th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.00

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