Clip Review: It’s Not Gay – Anal Exploration – Featuring Goddess Crystal Knight


That huge, thick pink translucent dildo between her legs makes your mind swirl in confusion.  The beautiful feminine curves, long nails and sensuality paired with this massive symbol of male sexuality.  Wordlessly, she strokes and waggles that massive cock before you, teasing you with the endless possibilities of what it might mean that she’s elected to wear it today for you.  Thrusting her hips back and forth, you should be focusing on her delectable ass that always makes you throb, but your attention is solely focused on that massive pink phallus and what she may do with it next.  Laughing as she sits down, Goddess Crystal mocks you for how much you love her huge cock.  Her spectacular breasts, her perfectly beautiful face and everything that brings men to their knees about Goddess Crystal, it’s all there for you, yet there you are, drooling over that pink cock.  Who wouldn’t want to play with Goddess Crystal’s perfect pretty pink dick? You want it.  You’re one of those horny submissive fucks that ache for her dick and will bend over and offer yourself up for it, aren’t you slave? Take a drink, get your courage to a maximum, and get that cock of yours hard enough that you can ride Goddess Crystal’s dick while stroking your own.  It’s not gay to want your ass ploughed by a gorgeous Goddess.  You still love pussy, right? You’re just embracing your submissive tendencies with a beautiful Domme who’s going to thrust her 9” deep inside you!
With every thrust, you grow weaker.  You want to suck Goddess Crystal’s dick, don’t you? Come on, it’s not gay.  Try it for your Goddess and wrap your lips around that perfect pink dick.  Please Goddess Crystal by sucking her dick like a good little boy.  Lick the tip and then suck it with your lips.  Twirl your tongue around it and you might find you like it.  It feels good doesn’t it slave? Suck it harder and get right into it as if you’re trying to make her cock cum.  Do you finally feel like you’re doing what you were meant to do? Hearing Goddess Crystal call you her good boy as she pulls her cock from your mouth with a popping sound makes your own cock leak precum.  Having you on your knees is hot, but Goddess Crystal wants you on all fours, bent over so she can pump that ass of yours with her dick. Can you handle it, bitchboy? Can you take every inch inside you? Just imagine every move she could make inside you with that cock and how her hips could slide in and out so rhythmically.  Spit on that toy of yours and get ready to explore.  Don’t think.  Goddess Crystal will tell you exactly what to do, lubing up that toy so it slides in so easily.  Sit down onto that toy and feel it enter you inch by inch.  It’s not gay.  It feels so good to have your ass fucked, in and out.  Give in, try something new.  Goddess Crystal is one of the most persuasive women you could ever dream up.  Take more of that cock and take another shot.  Do it for your Goddess.  Be loose, be weak and have your holes fucked by Goddess.  Feel every ounce of resistance slip away with every ounce you drink.  Please your Goddess.  Drinking and being fucked.  Loose and compliant.  Perfect to try new things.  Look at Goddess’ perfect breasts as you get fucked.  Goddess Crystal is your Daddy, isn’t she? From the moment you see her to the moment she allows you to release, she owns you.  Such a good little pet you are, having your holes violated.  You love being Goddess Crystal’s little anal pet…Daddy’s pet.  Earn your name for Goddess.  Cum hard with that toy deep in your ass…it’s not gay.  Look at you riding that cock, jerking off your cock and still in denial that anything about what you’re doing is even a little bit gay.  Is it just female cock that excites you, or all cock? Goddess Crystal will find out in time.  Counting you down as you furiously jerk that cock of yours while pounding your own ass with that toy, Goddess smiles knowing she’s going to be having a lot more fun with that slutty ass of yours.  Shoot that cum and as you lick it all up, remember to thank Daddy for fucking your ass so divinely.

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Clip Name: It’s Not Gay – Anal Exploration
Models In The Clip: Goddess Crystal Knight
Date Reviewed: December 6th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $18.99

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