Clip Review: I Make You Cum Harder…Homewrecker – Featuring Goddess Crystal Knight

Crystal Knight - I Make You Cum Harder - Home Wrecker - iWan

There’s simply no comparison.  Look at the way you react to the spectacular beauty of Goddess Crystal, & in that instant, you realize that no matter who you are married to, they will never compare.  Effortlessly, Goddess Crystal arouses and entices you in ways no other woman ever has, or ever will.  She is a true Queen, and comparing her to any other woman is pointless.  She is in a league of her own, and her exquisite beauty and flawlessly perfect body leave you shaking with desire beyond comprehension.  In sexy red lingerie and heels, or anything else, Goddess Crystal is your ultimate obsession and your all-consuming addiction.  Submitting to her feels better than anything your wife could do.  She understands what you want.  She is your one and only.  No wife could compare to Goddess Crystal’s superiority.  Seduction bleeds off your Goddess.  It is effortless and comes so naturally.  The ultimate Temptress, Goddess Crystal makes sexy look easy.  No matter how hard wifey tries, she’ll never excite you like she can.  Jerking away your marriage to Goddess and her perfect tits, long legs, and perfect beauty, that’s what you want.  Give in…no other woman will ever be like your Queen.
24/7, Goddess Crystal can tease you and make you hers.  Counting you down to another mind-shattering orgasm, she has turned you into a total jerk off addict for her spectacular curves.  No matter what wifey tries to do sexually, it’s never going to match what Goddess Crystal can do in your fantasies.  Even as you fuck your wife, fantasies of Goddess’ divinely perfect pussy and heavenly breasts dance within your mind.  Every drop of cum you spill is for Goddess Crystal.  Do you remember the moment when jerking off for your Queen became more desirable than sex with your wife? Jerk away your marriage.  Break those vows as you spill your worship puddle for the only woman that fulfills your every desire.  You see your Goddess more than you ever see your wife.  In your mind, in your dreams and on your computer screen, the Goddess of Pleasure counts you down to the ultimate explosion.  Try to remember your wife’s name as you hear Goddess Crystal’s sensual voice counting you down.  Feel yourself boiling over as you cum for her while saying your wife’s name out loud.  Know that every drop of that cum puddle is for your Queen.  She owns you…she is inside your head and nothing any other woman can do will ever compare.

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Clip Name: I Make You Cum Harder
Models In The Clip: Goddess Crystal Knight
Date Reviewed: September 13th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $15.99

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