Clip Review: I. Am. Everything – Featuring Goddess Dawn Avril


Slowly, sensually, she rubs her hand between her legs, teasing you mercilessly with what you desire more than anything yet know you’ll never have.  As she rubs herself, you feel that all too familiar ache as your cock stiffens as only Goddess DawnAvril can make it do.  She exists because your life needs purpose.  She will make all that indecision fade away and give your very existence a direction to focus upon.  Her long legs captivate your attention in ways that still confound you, and as she explains that from this moment forward, SHE will be your reason to exist, you simply nod as you acquiesce.  Each day you will strive to do what pleases your irresistibly beautiful Goddess, and benefit her.  She deserves everything she desires and you will work hard every day to make her smile.  Are you ready to be a good boy for Goddess DawnAvril? Don’t fight it.  With every moment spent making her life better, you improve yours, giving yourself a purpose and direction.  Clear your mind, drop to your knees and make every decision from now on based on enhancing Goddess DawnAvril’s amazing lifestyle. 
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Listen to her sensual voice.  Look into her beautiful eyes and know that it’s okay to fall in love.  Men who encounter Goddess DawnAvril have been falling under her spell forever.  She is everything and you belong to her.  You want her to notice you, don’t you slaveboy? You want to be of value to your dream Goddess, and you know exactly what to do.  Enhance Goddess DawnAvril’s life with your wallet.  Use your credit cards to send to the exquisite Goddess you simply cannot resist.  Fall deeply in love as you lust for her perfect beauty.  A quick glimpse of her perfect breasts and you’re throbbing turns to a geyser of precum and you instinctively reach for your wallet.  Good boy.  Give Goddess everything she desires.  Push your limits and step outside your comfort as you strive to be better each day for her.  She is everything in your world.  You work for Goddess DawnAvril and you serve perfection.  This relationship is the essence of mutualism.  Each time you spoil and tribute Goddess, she rewards you with attention that gives your life purpose.  Do more.  Be better.  Look at her.  From head to toe, she is the most beautiful and captivating presence you have ever known.  This is love.  This is lust, and this is abject infatuation.  You are consumed by her flawless perfection and she knows exactly how to use your desire to control and own you.  Go deeper, give more.  Goddess DawnAvril is everything!

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Clip Name: I. Am. Everything
Models In The Clip: Goddess Dawn Avril
Date Reviewed: December 31st, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.97
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