Clip Review: Gay Boy Ass Tease – Featuring Goddess Bratty Bunny

Bratty Bunny - Gay B0y Ass Tease - iWantClips

You’re not alone.  You’re not the first man to fall victim to a crippling obsession with Goddess Bratty Bunny’s perfect ass.  So many worshipers buy her clips and deepen their addiction for her delectable derriere, but you take it even deeper.  You’re in love with her ass.  You cherish every fleeting glimpse of it, don’t you slave? Sliding her red dress up over her hips, Goddess playfully slaps her ass as you sit there mesmerized by its perfection.  Your devotion to Goddess Bratty Bunny’s ass is impressive, slaveboy, but she also knows about how much you love seeing big, thick cocks.  It seems it isn’t just Goddess’ ass that gets your cock hard and makes you moan at night, now is it slave?  You’re kinda gay, actually, and really the only thing that is keeping you from being a full on faggot is your love of Goddess Bratty Bunny’s ass.  Is that what you’re clinging to slave? If you love a beautiful woman’s ass then you can’t be gay, right? And what if Goddess tested your devotion to her ass? What if she made you choose between your two biggest fetishes…her ass and big cocks? Which would you stroke to, and cum for? Which will be your deepest fantasy, worshiping Goddess Bratty Bunny’s amazing ass or dreaming of swallowing a thick load from some dude’s throbbing dick? Today we’ll find out. 
Side by side, Goddess Bratty Bunny’s gorgeous ass and a fully erect man’s cock.  Which will you stroke for? No matter what she puts on the screen, you won’t stop jerking your dick.  It’s very obvious almost immediately that you can’t take your eyes off that huge hard cock, despite Goddess teasing you with her sexy ass and toying with her purple g-string to try to tease you.  There she is, bent over, toying with her panties and waving her ass in your face, and all you can think of is having those huge cocks spurt their loads into your waiting mouth.  All those dicks in front of your face, cumming all over you…it’s too much to deny isn’t is slave? You want big gay dick busting in your mouth.  And now that we’ve established that you’re nothing more than a little gay faggot, Goddess’ ass isn’t something you’ll need to excite you anymore right?  Dicks, dicks, dicks.  That’s all you want isn’t it? Goddess is relentless as she humiliates you even more and more as you stroke to big dicks.  Her ass is beautiful but it’s not enough to quell those gay desires of yours.  With every image of cock she brings up on screen, you pump furiously before your Goddess.  You’re her queer little bitch now.  But now that you’ve finally admitted what really makes you weak, don’t think Goddess Bratty Bunny will loosen her grip on you.  No, bitch, now she knows exactly what buttons to push and you might be of use to her after all.  Instead of obsessing over her ass and spoiling it like you have been, instead you’ll be sucking cock and making money for your Goddess.  You’re going to learn to love sucking big gay dick like a pro, and Goddess Bratty Bunny will take every penny from men lining up to blow their loads in your faggoty mouth.  When she first called you a gay boy, it humiliated you, but now that she keeps repeating it, it’s making you stroke even faster.  You’re excited to admit to Goddess Bratty Bunny what you really are and become her little slutty bitch!

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Clip Name: Gay Boy Ass Tease
Models In The Clip: Goddess Bratty Bunny
Date Reviewed: November 23rd, 2017
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $12.00

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