Clip Review: Finally Fucked – Featuring Mistress Nikita


The heavy dungeon door closes loudly with a click, and the next sound you hear sends shivers up your spine.  The click of Mistress Nikita’s stiletto heels on the dungeon floor let you know that she’s about to do things to you that will arouse and humiliate, degrade and torment.  With your hands and ankles securely bound to the cross in front of you, Mistress Nikita laughs at your efforts to move as you wonder what she might do to you next.  As she bends you over and you feel her fingers exploring your ass, you hear Mistress say the words that will give you nightmares and make you throb forever… “someone’s hungry for my cock”.  And with that she begins to push her huge, thick black strapon into your tight slutty ass.  Your legs tremble as she invades you, finally pressing it past any resistance you might put up.  Grabbing your hips, she begins to thrust in and out, fucking you like the little whore that you are for her.  Your groans, which first amused Mistress, are now annoying her and she threatens to gag you if you don’t shut up.  You desperately try to suppress your sounds, but that huge cock is spreading you open in ways that you have never experienced before.  You’re Mistress Nikita’s little toy now, and she’s going to stretch that pussy of yours wide open.
Burying her strapon hard and deep inside you, Mistress rakes her long, blood-red nails down your back.  Slowly she tells you to feel every inch of it inside you as she withdraws and penetrates over and over again.  Taking great delight in the trembling of your legs as your knees buckle with each deep thrust, Mistress talks dirty like you can’t imagine.  You love her cock…you want it deep.  You’re a little cock slut for her big black dick, aren’t you slave? In her dungeon, whatever Mistress Nikita wants is hers…including that tight little asshole of yours. Or should we say, formerly tight? With your own cock all locked up in chastity, your boy hole full of black cock…this is what slavery is all about, Mistress Nikita tells you as she emphasizes each word with a hard thrust into you.  It’s obvious as the assault continues that Mistress Nikita’s cock has loosened her slut’s hole up significantly as she slides in and out with ease towards the end.  Once she’s thoroughly satisfied with the anal reaming she’s given her slave, Mistress Nikita tells him, matter-of-factly, that she wants a blowjob.  Slipping her huge black cock from his ass, she releases him from the cross, cuffs his hands behind his back and has her slut kneel before her.  Shoving her dick into his mouth, Mistress Nikita goes ass to mouth with her slutty slaveboy and forces herself deep into his throat until he gags on her cock.  Slapping his face with her heavy rubber cock, Mistress continues the humiliation, leaving no doubt of this slave’s purpose in life…pleasing and amusing his Mistress.  Returning to her throne, she leaves her slave, a shell of his former self, kneeling in submission on the ground before her.  He is exactly where he belongs and it is his privilege to be used and to worship in Mistress Nikita’s dungeon.  Trust me, after watching this clip, you will beg to be in his position!

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Clip Name: Finally Fucked
Models In The Clip: Mistress Nikita
Date Reviewed: September 9th, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $11.99

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