Clip Review: Everlasting Ass Worship – Featuring Goddess Stella Sol

With sunlight pouring into the room, accentuating her stunning curves, Goddess Stella turns your fetish for ass into a full-fledged obsession.  In her lacy stockings and tiny g-string, Goddess Stella is a vision of feminine perfection.  She is so beautiful and so sensual that as the hypnotic music plays in the background you barely notice the subliminal tones of submission.  Let go of everything and let yourself embrace your place as Goddess Stella’s slave.  Her ass is exquisitely beautiful and could stop any man in his tracks.  Watch in awe as she drizzles hot oil over those perfect cheeks and rubs it into her glistening flesh.  If you weren’t already weak, this will break your will in an instant.  You will become mesmerized as you fall in love with her ass.  Every curve, every glimpse seals your fate.  Her ass is so tight and smells like heaven.  Sex and candy, little slaveboy.  You want to bury your face between those perfect cheeks and never come up for air.  Breath deeply and take in Goddess Stella’s magnificent scent.  Feel that smooth flesh pressing back against your eager face.  She owns you.
She knows you want to jerk off to her world-class ass, but that ass isn’t cheap.  Earn the privilege of stroking and work for Goddess Stella’s ass.  To be permitted to cum, you will work hard and serve that perfect Goddess ass.  She wants you addicted and willing to pay for such a stunning view.  She entices you with every sway of her hips, and as she traces a finger along the crack of her ass and teases her perfect pussy lips, you can’t help but imagine licking from one all the way to the other.  Start at the bottom of her pussy and lick all along and up to her beautiful rosebud of an asshole as you stroke.  And as Goddess Stella pushes you into that perfect condition of being unable to hold back, watch as she toys with her pussy and the cum that a man better than you has shot all over that ass you dream of.  That’s a good boy, cum for Goddess Stella’s gorgeous ass and let her know that there’s nothing you won’t do to spoil her.  An ass that fine deserves nothing but the best in this world, and men like you will ensure Goddess Stella never goes without.

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Clip Name: Everlasting Ass Worship
Models In The Clip: Goddess Stella Sol
Date Reviewed: December 12th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $14.99

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