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Goddess Jessica - DO NOT CUM - iWantClips

Have you ever purchased a clip, and as you’re watching it, you start to think that it somehow was meant for you? I’m not talking about a custom clip, obviously, but one that seems to have been produced from your own experiences with a particular Domme.  I’m certainly not naive enough to think I’m the only one this applies to, but listening to Goddess Jessica talk about how the viewer has tried to leave her, tried to undo the complete mindfucking she’s done to him over the years, and move on with his life, it’s hard not to think about my own experience.  She’s absolutely right when she says that she’s never far from your mind.  No matter how much you distance yourself from her world, Goddess Jessica will always have a hold on you.  No amount of therapy or diversion can distract you from those perfect painted toes, those perfect high arches, and the intoxicating sound of her voice in your head.  You lost your chance at “normal” the moment Goddess Jessica entered your life.  More than anything, you need to be her good boy.  You want to please her and stroke for her.  Forget running away from your Queen, embrace your surrender and fall deeper.  Make your Goddess happy as you allow the obsession to take over your life and forsake everything else for her.  No other woman can tap into your fetishes and fantasies the way she can.  She arouses something within in you that never existed before you bowed before her.  You never imagined having a foot fetish before, yet now you find yourself thinking of Goddess Jessica’s feet even when having sex with another woman.  You can’t resist.  No man can.  You NEED to surrender to your perfect Goddess.  It is who you are and what she has made you.  All that time she was rewiring your brain to crave only her.  She always wins, and that is why you always return. 
She is your greatest weakness and your biggest turn on.  And that will be your downfall, little pet.  You’ll never be strong enough to resist and hold back from her.  No self-control.  Complete ownership belongs to her and she has all the power.  Say it out loud and admit that hearing her say “good boy” does things to you that can never be undone.  Look at those pretty red toes as she turns to show you the ass that has always left you aching for more.  You’re weak and eager to obey.  Every command embedded so deeply within your subconscious that it only takes the slightest of triggers to bring you back to where you belong, at Goddess Jessica’s feet.  Feel the rush of blood to your cock, feel your balls clench as you stroke.  Even your dick is obedient to Goddess Jessica.  It never says no.  It knows what to do when Goddess Jessica commands it.  No matter how much you hold back, Goddess Jessica’s commands will be honored.  That’s how she trained you.  With just a snap of her fingers, she will bring on the most mind-shattering orgasm of your life.  Hold back until she allows it.  Holding back hurts you physically, but like everything else about Goddess Jessica, her every wish will be your command.  As she counts you down, you continue to stroke and in the instant that she allows it, you cum for the only woman that could ever own you.  It feels so right…so perfect…to be her good bitch, and you’ll never find peace in trying to walk away.  Have you learned your lesson? Are you committed to being Goddess Jessica’s good boy for life? I know this slaveboy most definitely is!

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Clip Name: DO NOT CUM
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: November 26th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $11.99

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