Clip Review: Delicious Boot Worship – Featuring Mistress Lynn Pops

Her boots aren’t there simply for your to drool over as you stare in awe.  No, bitch, Mistress Lynn Pops wants that slutty mouth of yours put to good use as you lick and clean every inch of her beautiful black leather knee-high boots.  With her riding crop in hand, should you stray from your duties, she demands you begin to worship obediently as you tell her how delicious her boots taste.  Slide your tongue along that sour leather and take in the heady aroma.  Lick up her leg and along the lace eyelets.  She is gloriously beautiful, reclining in her leather and stockings.  Keep licking, bitch! Mistress will tell you when she’s pleased with your work and you’re done.  Suck the heel of her boot like the bitch you are.  Show Mistress Lynn what a little whore you are as you take that entire heel into your mouth and suck it like it was a nice juicy cock.  That’s a good bitch.  Mistress Lynn is perfection in black leather.  You’ll do anything she asks and never hesitate.  This is what weakness looks like.  This is what submission feels like, slaveboy.
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Look into Mistress Lynn’s icy blue eyes as she tells you to do a better job with your mouth.  No spit left on her boots, is that understood? A woman like Mistress Lynn deserves perfect devotion in her submissives.  Slip up and you will be replaced.  Slapping her riding crop down, she points to where she demands you place your tongue.  She loves how much it excites you to lick her boots.  Turning away she tells you to keep licking as she teases you mercilessly with her gorgeous ass.  The view is awe-inspiring, but your task is shining those sexy boots, nothing more.  You’re such a helpless little slut as you eagerly lick and worship those boots.  Every last speck of filth is going to be cleaned off.  Listen to Mistress Lynn’s sensual voice as she teases and chastises so perfectly.  And when you’ve cleaned those boots, you will kiss every inch of them as a thank you to Mistress for generously granting you permission to worship at her feet.  Make those pathetic kissing sounds as you adore her leather boots.  Oh poor little slave, did you think you were going to be able to cum today? No chance.  Put that cock away and don’t you dare touch without permission.  Do as you’re told or Mistress Lynn will lock you away.  Kiss those boots goodbye until the next time she decides you have earned the chance to prove yourself once again.  That’s a good little boot bitch!

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Clip Name: Delicious Boot Worship
Models In The Clip: Mistress Lynn Pops
Date Reviewed: December 28th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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