Clip Review: Daddy Turned Cuck – Featuring Goddess Angel

She’s a grown woman and turns men’s heads everywhere she goes.  You’ve felt the stares as you took her shopping at the mall, men your own age leering at her gorgeous body and beautiful face.  Like any father, you are protective of your beautiful Angel, but unlike most, you want her all to yourself.  Your overprotectiveness is coming from a place of not wanting gorgeous Angel to discover other men because you want her yourself.  When she dresses provocatively, it excites you and you know what other men are thinking because you, yourself, are thinking those very thoughts.  With her tight jeans and barely-there shirt, Angel makes every man throb, including you.  And when she catches you staring at her perfect young breasts, she decides to turn the tables and tell you all about what she likes to do with older men, men not quite as old as you, but old enough to appreciate the finer things in life like your beautiful stepdaughter.  Are you ready to listen as she turns you from overprotective Daddy into a full-fledged cuckold? That’s a good boy, Daddy!
She’s a big girl, and she likes to do big girl things, like going out with the boy you’ve always warned her away from.  She dressed up so provocatively, her top leaving her back totally exposed, used some fake ID and got drunk and partied with all her sexy friends and older boys.  And though you wish she didn’t, Angel knows what she wants and knows how she likes to be touched.  Are you throbbing as she tells you what she did and how another man touched her? She always gets what she wants and when she tells you how she whispered in his ear to take her home and fuck her, you feel rage and jealousy! And as she describes how big he was as he filled her up, you ache to be him.  Your gorgeous stepdaughter loves huge cock and she enjoyed riding and sucking it last night.  But more than that, she is thoroughly enjoying telling you all about it.  Each time she tells you more of the sordid details, you feel more and more emasculated and cuckolded.  She notices that your anger has turned to pathetic desperation.  She’s going to make some changes around here and do whatever the fuck she wants.  You’re not the boss anymore, little cuck, Daddy.  She’s going to let you watch when she brings boys home and fucks them.  She’s known about what a freak you were since the day you married her Mom.  You’ve wanted your sexy little bratty stepdaughter from the moment you laid eyes on her nubile young body, but you’ll never have her.  You’ll exist to live vicariously through the real men that pump her perfect pussy with their cocks.  If you’re a very good boy, she might let you clean up after she milks cocks and plays with her boy toys.  Do you like the new rules, Daddy? There’s going to be some big changes around here…Angel’s in charge and you’ll be her cuckolded little bitch!

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Clip Name: Daddy Turned Cuck
Models In The Clip: Goddess Angel
Date Reviewed: December 21st, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $11.99

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