Clip Review: Cyber Kitten – Featuring Goddess Emiliana

EmilianaXIII - Cyber Kitten - iWantClips

Wordlessly, she enters your thoughts, permeating your very soul.  She occupies your mind with lustful anticipation of her perfect black lips, her dark hair and sinful beauty.  Caressing her stocking-clad legs, she lurks in your fantasies leaving you throbbing as the chill of her presence tingles down your spine.  She is Emiliana, Cyber Kitten of the darkness, and you will never forget this encounter.  Spreading her legs wide, she invites you to join the darkness as you ache for her porcelain skin and those devastating curves.  Her long legs, adorned by buckled boots, leave you hungry to bow before her.  Let this exotic Cyber Kitten lure you in and weave her sensual web of seduction around you like a blanket of desire.  You’ll never leave.  You’ll never return from this experience.  Goddess Emiliana will own you forever.
Finally, with you fully mesmerized, she speaks, telling you to jerk your cock until it’s fully hard to her perfect big tits.  Slipping her fingers along the folds of her pussy through her panties, she turns your cock to stone in an instant.  She is pure desire and irresistibly erotic.  Her fingers probing where you want to belong, Goddess Emiliana has you wrapped around her little finger.  Her perfect breasts push firmly against her shiny silver top, leaving no doubt that they are magnificently beautiful.  Her nipples grow hard to her touch, as she arouses herself as easily as she arouses her prey.  Beg to see them.  Beg the Goddess of Darkness to show your her perfect breasts and know that with every stroke, your addiction deepens.  Nothing will ever compare to her.  Nothing will ever feel so good and so right, while being so dangerous.  Watching her toy with those pert nipples and massaging her tits leaves your mouth open and drooling.  Cum for your Cyber Kitten.  She grants you permission to surrender to the darkness and spill your lust for her.  Grant her your soul in return for the most mindfucking of orgasms you will ever experience!

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Clip Name: Cyber Kitten
Models In The Clip: Goddess Emiliana
Date Reviewed: October 29th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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