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Adoration, love and trust.  Powerful feelings that grow out of complete belief in an individual.  Total devotion to one that you feel so powerfully about leads one to hand over control of their very life.  In some circles, this kind of devoted following is referred to as a cult, their leader an iconic leader of said cult.  What, if not a cult, is best to characterize the way in which men so easily offer themselves to the otherworldly beauty of Goddess Jessica? She has almost instantly evolved into the single most important person in your world, and life without her is unimaginable.  You have forsaken everything to bow before her and obey her every command.  Cult leaders come in many forms, none more enticing and alluring than the perfect beauty of your Goddess.  You’ve come to Goddess Jessica to try to fill a void that existed in your life.  You’ve never felt the sense of belonging that comes with ridding yourself of worldly possessions like money and dignity on command by your flawless Goddess. Admit that there is nothing you wouldn’t do if Goddess Jessica wanted you to…to please her and gain favour with your leader.
Self-improvement is only achieved by admitting that there is something better waiting out there for you.  In crawling to the feet of Goddess Jessica and opening your mind to her Femdom ideology, you have gained peace and purpose where there once was none.  She is everything in this world that you adore…beauty, perfection, confidence and superiority.  Your purpose in life is now to obey without hesitation.  Goddess Jessica knows best and she will show you the way to a life with meaning.  Forget your family, your friends, your trappings of wealth.  Shed everything and let Goddess Jessica lead you on a spiritual awakening as her slave.  Let her sensual voice permeate your mind.  Let her beauty overwhelm you and fall in love with her deeper than you have ever loved anyone, or anything previously.  Gaze upon her perfection as you commit completely.  Believe in Goddess Jessica.  Through her happiness you will find your own.  Unconditional devotion is what she demands and you will happily grant her.  You have joined her flock of addicted admirers and stroking for Goddess Jessica has become as important to you as the very air you breath. In unison, as Goddess Jessica turns and presents the most beautiful ass you have ever laid eyes upon, every one of her devoted followers strokes for their Queen.  Synchronicity.  Goddess Jessica is the puppet-master and she has you by the most important of strings…your throbbing cock. 
Through your cock, she controls and brainwashes you.  Once you are excited, there is nothing you won’t do to follow your leader.  Goddess Jessica addicts, fans, devotees, slaves, lovers…so many names for a following that grows daily.  Whatever you call it, this movement is completely devoted to one objective…pleasing Goddess Jessica so she will call us her good boys and let us stroke some more to her immense beauty.  Life is so simple and pure when you have but one goal.  Please your leader.  Provide for your Goddess.  Devote your life to following her every word and action.  Nod your head as your divine influence mindfucks you into total submission.  Look at the beautiful sun halo surrounding her.  Her beauty is transcendent.  You were born to serve Goddess Jessica.  Feel her trance take control as she brainwashes you into total, unconditional submission.  Never question anything.  Do as you’re told, without hesitation.  Bow down.  Obediently stroke like the addict that you are.  As your Queen seductively traces her tongue along her lips, feel the addiction deepening and know your life’s purpose.  Your family and friends could never understand.  No one but Goddess Jessica knows what you truly need.  Stroke faster.  No one but your Goddess knows how to arouse and excite you.  Be a good boy and earn your reward.  Us vs Them.  Look what Goddess Jessica has done to you, turning you into her little stroking drone.  Stroke faster…fall further…you belong to Goddess Jessica.  You’ll be hers forever.  There’s no turning back.  Goddess wins.  Every one of her devoted followers will cum in unison…exactly as your cult leader wishes of you.

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Clip Name: Cult Leader
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: June 8th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $19.99

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