Clip Review: Coerced Bi Slaves (Part 2) – Featuring Goddess Tangent

Goddess Tangent - Coerced Bi Slaves Part 2 - iWantClips

Watching gorgeous Goddess Tangent orchestrate this dungeon scene involving two of her devoted pets is pure magic.  Every element of this coerced bi clip is controlled perfectly by the stunning Goddess, and she leaves no doubt she can make any man do her bidding.  There is very obviously a pecking order among her two slaves, with one masked and kneeling, mouth open as he’s fed cock for Goddess’ pleasure.  The other slave is restrained, naked and hard as granite as Goddess teases him into enjoying her other slave’s eager mouth.  Drooling her saliva down onto the shaft, her other slaveboy licks it up hungrily as he continues to suck and swallow every inch of that cock.  Under Goddess Tangent’s expert instruction, he is made to lick and kiss each ball, and pay special attention to every aspect of being a good little cocksucker for his Goddess.  He’s obviously learned well, because the groans of pleasure and obvious arousal of the slave being sucked cannot be missed.  Of course, if you had Goddess Tangent leaning in close telling you she wants you to pump that cum load into her slave’s willing mouth, could you hold back?
Inevitably, through teasing and seduction by Goddess and expert cocksucking by her slaveboy, her lucky pet enjoys a knee-buckling orgasm as he fills the mouth of Goddess’ cocksucking bitch.  Wickedly, Goddess Tangent has him gargle the cum repeatedly, opening his mouth to the camera to show just how much cum he milked out, before swallowing the entire load.  I’m not sure what the slave who was permitted to cum did to earn it, but after cumming he is treated to some exquisite worshiping of Goddess Tangent’s glorious ass.  The other slave? Well he gets to listen in to Goddess’ moans of pleasure as her ass is kissed and licked.  Let there be no doubt that Goddess Tangent can make men do things they would never have imagined doing previously.  Watching her control these two little slaves so perfectly, the only question is…will you be on your knees swallowing dick, or bound as another man hungrily coerces an orgasm from you that you never imagined wanting?

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Clip Name: Coerced Bi Slaves (Part 2)
Models In The Clip: Goddess Tangent
Date Reviewed: August 4th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $13.99

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