Clip Review: Busting Bitch Balls – Featuring Princess Lexi Luxe

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In her shiny black bodysuit, black leather corset and thigh high black shiny boots, Princess Lexi Luxe is the ultimate Goddess of your dreams.  But to make her happy, you will need to sacrifice and suffer.  Today, standing before you, hand on her hip, riding crop in hand, Princess has demanded you sacrifice your balls for her amusement and pleasure.  It doesn’t matter if ballbusting isn’t your fetish, it’s what Princess wants, and saying no to her isn’t an option.  In fact, Princess wants to hear you beg for her to kick you in your balls.  Show her that you want to please her more than you care about your own well being.  Spread your legs wide, giving her perfect access, and as her boot destroys your balls, try not to break too quickly.  Thank Princess Lexi as she kicks you again and again until you inevitably collapse in agony.  Standing over you, Princess tells you what a weak little bitch you are, and demands you rise to your feet for more abuse.
So many times, Princess Lexi brings you to your knees in agony, finally having you kiss the very boots that are destroying your manhood.  With your balls grossly swollen, and that deep ache washing over you, you hear yourself begging her for more.  You know it’s what Princess wants, and no matter the pain, her pleasure matters most.  As you work your way up her long legs, those boots are heavenly to kiss.  Seducing you into a false sense of security, Princess Lexi absolutely destroys you with a swift knee directly to the balls that has you gagging it hurts so badly.  All you can hear is laughter as you suffer on the floor, curling up into a fetal position as she stands over you.  Grabbing your swollen aching balls, Princess Lexi tells you of her plans to take them and put them on her mantle as a trophy, and you don’t doubt she might.  She is relentless and cruel and your balls will pay the price for her devious desires.  Be sure to thank Princess Lexi and tell her what an honour it was to have her destroy your balls today.  British bitches know what it takes to ruin a man and Princess Lexi does a perfect job of breaking her slave’s balls into mush in this incredibly cruel, yet erotic clip.  Enjoy the view and either dream of taking her punishment, or be thankful you’re only watching.  Either way, Princess Lexi is everything you desire.

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Clip Name: Busting Bitch Balls
Models In The Clip: Princess Lexi Luxe
Date Reviewed: September 21st, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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