Clip Review: Bringing My Boss To His Knees JOI – Featuring Princess Lexie

From the moment the interview began, you knew you would hire her.  She was beautiful, leggy and would bring a certain life to the office that only a beautiful woman can.  You skimmed her resume, not noticing even slightly how bright and accomplished she was.  Lexie was going to be eye-candy around the office and the shorter her skirts were, the better, right? Except, from the moment she began working for you, Lexie has been gauging your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  Little by little, she’s been asserting herself more and more.  The way in which she talks to you has shifted and she is making decisions without consulting you.  Calling her in to speak with her, she crosses those impossibly long legs and looks directly into your eyes as she explains that she could bring you to your knees any time she wanted.  You think you’re the boss? Think again.  You’re nothing more than a man who thinks he’s in control, when in reality,  the instant a woman like Lexie gets you hard, she takes total control.  Are you hard now? Of course you are.  It only takes a smile, a lick of her pouty lips or the slightest of teases with her beautiful breasts and your dick begins to throb.  So let’s outline a few new rules for the office, shall we?
Pointing to the floor in front of her, Lexie simply says “kneel” and you find yourself obeying her command.  There you are, the powerful CEO of your company, and this beautiful Princess has you kneeling in your very own office, taking your rock hard cock out and stroking it exactly as she tells you to.  You’ll be a good boy for her and do exactly as you’re told from this point forward.  Your company is in very good hands as Princess Lexie is so much more than a spectacular beauty.  She’s smart enough to sense your submissive side and exploit it to the maximum.  Stroke away your power.  Stroke away control.  From now on, Princess Lexie will answer to no one and it will be you consulting with your Superior to decide whether things will be done.  Each day, you will report to your office as if you were still in control.  You will call her into your office, close the door and quickly move out of her seat and kneel on the floor.  You will be hard, you will beg for permission to touch yourself, and depending on your previous behaviour, Princess Lexie, your new Boss, will decide if you’ve earned such a privilege.  Such a good boy for Lexie.  Stroke yourself furiously as she counts you down to the orgasm that seals your fate and hands control of not only you, but your company, over to the beautiful manicured hands of the irresistibly sexy and manipulative, Princess Lexie.

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Clip Name: Bringing My Boss To His Knees JOI
Models In The Clip: Princess Lexie
Date Reviewed: January 5th, 2018
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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