Clip Review: Brianna’s Boot Shiner – Featuring Goddess Brianna

Goddess Foot Domination - Briannas Boot Shiner - iWantClips

If you’ve even dabbled in the world of Female Domination, you know of, and have likely found yourself aching over the legendary Goddess Brianna.  Her Femdom clips of foot worship, strapon training and any number of other fetishes, are Hall of Fame worthy.  She is as beautiful and sensual as she is cruel and sadistic.  Lucky for you, gorgeous Goddess Brianna needs a boot bitch.  She needs one lucky slaveboy who can handle getting down on his hands and knees and polishing her vast collection of boots until they shine like new.  Might you be a suitable candidate? Perhaps you’re exactly the kind of boot loving whore Goddess requires.  From your knees before her, you wear her collar and as you look up at her long legs in those perfect black thigh high boots, there is nothing you want more than to worship and serve Goddess Brianna in any way she commands.  Go ahead, slaveboy, scurry over to Goddess like the little low-life bitch that you are, and put that tongue to use shining her boots and getting rid of every essence of dirt and grime from them.  Shine them until they are as magnificent as the woman wearing them.
Beg for the privilege of being Goddess Brianna’s little boot bitch.  Let her hear the desperation in your voice.  You’re nothing but a pathetic boot whore and you’d love to shine her boots.  That’s a good bitch.  Start at the heel as Goddess points, and work your way all the way up.  But you’re not worthy of her inner thigh, so be a good boy and keep that tongue to shining those boots.  Follow her finger up and down like the perfect obedient pet.  Turning your attention to the bottom of her boots, the dirtiest parts, requires you to lay on your back and stick out your tongue as Goddess rakes the boots across your tongue, up and down.  Clean and swallow. Say thank you like a good little bitch.  Make the bottom of those boots shine and then take the heel into your mouth and suck on it nice and deep, little foot bitch.  All the way into your throat as if it were a cock.  Goddess knows you like to do that, right slave? Don’t you dare let Goddess Brianna’s magnificent ass distract you from your boot sucking duties, is that clear? And when you’re done, from your knees, kiss each boot as a ceremonial thank you to your Goddess for bestowing the reward of her boot filth upon you.  Your job is done here, so crawl away slaveboy.  Goddess will summon you when her boots require that eager tongue of yours again.

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Clip Name: Brianna’s Boot Shiner
Models In The Clip: Goddess Brianna
Date Reviewed: September 11th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $5.99

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