Clip Review: Bow Down and Worship Me – Featuring Mistress Alexis Grace


Women like Mistress Alexis Grace are rare and extraordinary.  Tall, leggy and dominant as hell, Mistress Alexis’ beauty is only matched by her desire to humiliate and ruin weak men like you.  You’ll never be worthy of a woman as exceptional as Alexis Grace, no, you’ll be her tool to play with and use.  You may begin by taking your tiny little dick out as she ridicules you for how small it is.  Slap it hard and amuse your Mistress.  Kneel down and bow to your Mistress. Look up those amazing long legs and focus on how perfectly beautiful she is.  Your worship begins with her perfectly pedicured toes.  Taking her foot from her high heel, she face-fucks you with her long toes as you desperately try to keep up.  She degrades you telling you that real men don’t throb because they’re allowed to lick a woman’s feet. You’re such a waste of her time.  You’re such a little foot freak for your Mistress.  Dream of sliding your cock between her amazing feet, but don’t ever think you’d be granted permission to cum.  Enjoy the warm up because Mistress Alexis has some more extreme worship in mind for you today.  Think you can handle worshiping her perfect ass without drooling over her naked pussy? Can you control yourself loser?
Spreading her ass cheeks, Mistress presses down and smothers you until you’re all up in that perfect ass.  Can’t breathe? Who fucking cares.  Stick that tongue deep in her asshole but keep your mouth away from her Goddess pussy.  Your world has been reduced to your Mistress’ asshole.  Tongue fuck it like a little ass bitch.  Bending over, the view is spectacular as Mistress spreads her ass cheeks with her manicured fingers.  And after almost smothering you into unconsciousness, Mistress Alexis decides you will be used to pleasure her today.  Spreading her long legs, she traces her French tip nails along the folds of her beautiful pussy and tells you to lick.  Lick it properly bitch! Mistress wants to get off and you’re not doing it right.  Grabbing you by the hair, she pulls your mouth tighter and grinds on your face.  Eat that pussy like a good little bitch as Mistress Alexis uses your tongue as a scratching post.  Ever the Humiliatrix, Mistress has you finger your own asshole as you lick her pussy, never letting you forget that you’re not a real man.  Peeling down her top, Mistress Alexis shows you her gorgeous tits and tells you again how unworthy you are of them.  She’s so beautiful, so sensual and so bitchy.  You’ll never fuck a woman as hot as Alexis Grace.  You’re not a real man, you’re simply a loser boy to be used as she needs you.  Know your place, loser.  Drool as she spreads her legs and teases you with her wet pussy.  Watch her fingers sliding in and out as she licks them clean.  Your cock is never going in there…ache for what you’ll never have, loser!

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Clip Name: Bow Down and Worship Me
Models In The Clip: Mistress Alexis Grace
Date Reviewed: June 29th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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