Clip Review: Boot Fucked – Featuring Mistress Nikita


Few things devastate and devour the submissive mind like a perfect pair of black leather, high heel, thigh high boots.  On the right woman, the impact of such elegant implements of fetish-inducing fantasies can bring a man to his knees, literally.  With her slaveboy already bound, wrists to ankles, naked and plugged with his balls swollen, the gorgeous and sexy Mistress Nikita sits upon her throne as she teasingly slides her stocking-clad foot against his cock and balls.  In her hand, a leash connected to the collar wrapped around her slave’s balls.  Slowly, enticingly, Mistress Nikita puts on the most beautiful pair of black leather thigh high boots you’ll ever see.  Using her slave as a foot rest, she zips up one boot at a time as she verbally assaults her slave with details of how she’s going to give him the deepest boot fucking of his life.  Warming him up just a little, Mistress Nikita uses her riding crop to make sure slaveboy’s ass cheeks are nice and pink and ready for her boot.  Each crack of the crop causes her slave to flinch and clench on his buttplug.  As she pulls on his leash and spanks him with her crop, Mistress demands that her slave thank her for each stroke.
Removing the buttplug, slave is pulled closer by his leash and Mistress Nikita begins exploring his asshole with the pointed toe of her boot.  As she presses harder and buries more of the toe into his ass, her slave moans deeply.  It’s impossible to tell just how much of that boot is digging in deeply, but rest assure that Mistress Nikita is pressing hard into her slut’s hole.  Of course, once bootfucked, it’s only reasonable that slaveboy will clean his mess from Mistress’ beautiful boots, right? Inserting an inflatable buttplug into her slave’s gaping ass, Mistress Nikita walks to where her slave has dutifully bowed his head to the floor.  As her slave worships and cleans her boot with his tongue, Mistress Nikita continues cropping his ass with that inflated plug filling him up where her boot once was.  Watching him kissing and licking that boot so obediently as Mistress continues to humiliate him is so arousing.  Are you ready to have your ass fucked by Mistress Nikita’s boots? Are you lining up for the privilege to lick them clean? Good boys.

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Clip Name: Boot Fucked
Models In The Clip: Mistress Nikita
Date Reviewed: April 16th, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $6.99

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